Blatant ‘Mario Kart’ Clone ‘Mole Kart’ Hits the App Store

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If iOS clones are your cup of tea, strap in for the clone-iest clone yet. The Shanghai Taomee Network Technology company just released Mole Kart [$2.99], a universal kart racer that makes no attempt at hiding the fact that just about everything in the game is lifted directly from Mario Kart. Take a look at the trailer:

It’s lacking a championship mode, as well as the different engine sizes found in Mario Kart. Also, to fully unlock everything in the game you’re looking at spending ten bucks between the initial purchase price and all the various DLC unlockables for tracks and additional karts. Forum members are going crazy for the game, and are encouraging everyone that’s interested to get in on Mole Kart before it gets pulled from the App Store.

Whether or not it’ll actually get pulled is another matter entirely. There are a lot of Mario Kart inspired games out there, but this one is by far the most blatant.

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