Studio Pixel, the one-man studio responsible for giving us the original Cave Story, last Friday released its first iPhone and iPod touch game, Azarashi [$.99]. It's as minimal as it is pure in focus; in it, you attempt to catch three seal keychains before they fall to the ground, and at the end of the round you are scored on your speed. Hit too early and you kill a delightful little seal, but do it just fast enough and you'll earn more keychains to catch after all three rounds are over.

This is a really mini mini-game, so be aware of that before you download. If anything, it's a brilliant display of Studio Pixel's art, sound design, and edge. We've got some screens for those of you who don't want to take the plunge just yet:

Cave Story is brilliant, by the way, and the PC and Mac versions are still free. If you've got some extra computer time today, we highly suggest you give it a look.

  • Charles Albert

    Bougth Cave Story+ on a indie bundle, a great game.

  • Adams Immersive

    It had better be flawless to get me to buy yet another third-person seal-lyncher.

  • Battle Born Mobile

    If the music is half as good as cave story's it's worth the price of purchase alone!

  • Anonymous

    A mini-mini game?  LAME-O, ;p.  Sorry, I love Studio Pixel, but no, this looks like a total yawn.  Just port Cave Story to the iPhone, Studio Pixel -- or develop something as full-fledged as Cave Story for the iPhone.  By the way: The Mac App Store version of Cave Story+ has very poor USB gamepad support.  Get the Steam version.  USB gamepad support works much better there.

  • ryan

    Better yet - grab the free version of Cave Story which supports USB Gamepads fine, and doesn't have the horridly-redone music.