ustwo's adventurous, psychedelic, and ultimately awesome Tiny Wings-y flying game, Whale Trail [$.99], has received a huge content update. Now, it has its own challenge mode that tests users' bubble-gobbling mettle across 32 individual levels. We gave this a spin earlier, and we're happy to report that it's a meaningful addition that really makes you dig into the subtle bits of the flying and collection mechanics.

Nine additional achievements compliment the package, but you'll also find something called "Hyper-Boosts" that have the ability to "launch Willow high up into space." As if the game needed more outer space, right? Check this all out, though, if you're into Whale Trail. Spoiler: this is fun stuff -- almost as fun as the game's music video is crazy. Seriously, check this out:

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit, that just blew my mind!

  • Samuel Strickland

    Okay, Okay... I'll buy whale trail.

  • Anonymous

    Love that trailer. This game rocks

  • raoupp

    It's the Super Furry Animals. They always deliver...

  • Anonymous

    trippy video confuses brain...
    me buy game now...