A santa hat and suit are now a part of Jetpack Joyride [$.99]. Earlier today, Halfbrick's flyer received a yuletide update that integrates some pretty hip seasonal junk including the aforementioned, as well as a Christmas tree themed jetpack, a snow machine jetpack, and pudgier scientists who obviously had a little too much cheer of late.

All this, of course, is free for owners of the $.99 joint. Halfbrick is on a roll of late with Jetpack updates, if you haven't noticed. Just the other week, the game received its first new area and a new challenge mission structure that rewards the hardcorest of its hardcore fans. And, hey, if you haven't got around to this yet, now you can reach new heights of prestige in a Santa hat. Hats, guys! HATS.

  • http://igotitgames.com/ David McGraw

    Incredible game.

  • Jacob Gehman

    Yay for holiday updates that have a 3-week max lifespan!

    (Seriously, though, any additional content is welcome...)

  • http://profiles.google.com/godboubs Brandon Godbout

    this was yesterday...just saying. 
    good game