‘Jetpack Joyride’ Sees New Challenges, New Level, And New Items In Latest Update

Halfbrick thinks its latest Jetpack Joyride [$.99] update might be its best update ever, and we kinda have to agree. Catering to its most loyal, the infinite, er, flyer’s latest update includes a brand-spanking new mission structure for prestige-level players. Each time a user prestiges from this point forward, they’ll earn new badge challenges that will take them “deep into the bowels of understanding everything" the game has to offer. This, in addition to a new forest level, more achievements, new items, and new upgrades, makes for a great argument about it being the best ever in our minds, at least.

And there’s more to come, of course. In the update notes, Halfbrick mentions that its already working on the next update, though no details are available at the moment. Not that it needs another, as Jetpack Joyride is one of the most well-rounded, feature-rich games on the App Store right now. Seriously, check it out.