Grand Theft Auto III [$4.99] hit the App Store mere moments ago, and after getting the game downloaded and installed on our iPads, we'll have a full review first thing tomorrow morning. Initial impressions are remarkably positive, although at this writing we've only played it so far on our collective iPad 2's. But, it's Grand Theft Auto III on iOS devices. The controls are about what you'd expect, virtual buttons everywhere, but they seem entirely workable once you get your head wrapped around where everything is.

Check out the forum thread where impressions have been rolling all evening, and stay tuned tomorrow for our full look into the world of Grand Theft Auto III!

  • Librarian Mike

    Oh man, just watching that intro brings me back. It looks amazing, but honestly I think I'm going to pass after dropping at least 150 hours into it the first time around.

  • taeles c

    Been playing it for about 20 minutes and straight up the controls are great, game runs smooth and responsive, sounds are spot on, everything is awesome 🙂 totally worth well more than they are asking!

  • John Singer
  • Anonymous

    How are the controls on the iPhone4S?  I can see the controls being passable on an iPad but unfortunately the screen on my device is much smaller.

    • Arien

      I have a iPhone 4 and the controls are great. The game play is smooth, graphics are great, it's just awesome!

    • aWonton

      Been playing it like mad on my iPhone 4S, it runs like a dream, graphics are superb, draw distance is way better than I had expected, and the controls are amazing. Really suggest this for everyone at the low price it's going for.

  • Anonymous

    Given it is the 10 year anniversary edition, observations on how GTA III has evolved graphically over the years on different devices from the PS2, PC, XBox, Apple A4 devices, and Apple A5 devices would be interesting.

    And has anyone figured out how to enabled cheat codes yet?

  • Robert Baden

    crashes pretty consistently on ipod touch 4th gen

    • Anonymous

      Oh man. I hope you're doing something wrong, because I've been looking forward to this one for a long time.

    • Anonymous

      It works just find on my iPod 4G.

      You need to make sure that you reboot your device just before playing this game.

      • Robert Baden

        Homer 423 is correct. No crash after reboot.

  • Dalie

    Just wanted to give the writer a heads up that the link to the GTA: 3 thread doesn't work.

  • Peter Mattson

    They did a great job with the port. I was surprised at how well everything works. It's a must own and I really hope they bring Vice City and San Andreas to iOS. Or even better an completely new and original GTA game for iOS.

  • Anonymous

    This is absolutely incredible. Love it.

  • Anonymous

    Works perfectly on my iPad 2. Also to my surprise it works on my 3GS! Didn't expect this as it was widely announced that it wouldn't work on the 3GS.

  • John Usher

    I'm seriously in heaven. It's runs like a dream on my iPod 4G, I put so many hours into this when it came out and can't believe that I'm now playing GTA3 on a handheld device.

    • Robert Baden

      this works good for you on the 4g ipod? huh. shit crashes regular for me.

      • Anonymous

        It's work just fine on my iPod 4G.

        You need to make sure that you close all of your running apps and then reboot your device.

  • BulkSlash

    I've played quite a few missions now on my iPhone 4 and while it starts out very well, I have found the framerate takes a dive on some missions, making them very hard to complete. In particular the driving missions where you have to collect items in the road or drive through checkpoints get very choppy. The worst part is when it's struggling it sometimes misses my swipes on the screen, causing the car to barrel into things or miss turns. I had to do the Big 'n' Veiny mission about 20 times before I was able to complete it. 🙁

    One thing I do really appreciate is the addition of a mission retry feature. In the original if you failed a mission you'd have to drive back to the start point and trigger it again, and any ammo or armour used up on the mission was lost. Now the game lets you just skip back to the mission start and your ammo and armour return to where they were before which is a HUGE help.

    All in all, I'm still really glad I bought it, but I suspect finishing the game might be difficult when the levels start to get really hard.

  • chris c

    charging my ipad now.. once it charged ill grab some mountain due and hit the streets with bad intentions. 😀

  • Ryan Gill

    Anyone running this on an iPad gen 1? I know they claim it works, but given how many of the recently released games that supposedly work on gen 1 iPad's which turned into $5-7 crash fests I'm fairly skeptical.