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‘The Pinball Arcade’ is Still Coming, Latest Trailer Tugs at My Nostalgia Strings

This seemed to slip through the cracks a few weeks ago, but The Pinball Arcade, a project we told you about in October, has released a new video showcasing several of the tables that will be included in their game. The Pinball Arcade is an effort to bring digitized representations of some of the most beloved real life tables to have ever existed to the iOS and many other platforms, all in one tight little package. Developer FarSight studios, well known for their work on the Pinball Hall of Fame series, has partnered with four of the biggest pinball manufacturers in history in order to secure official translations of their pinball games into The Pinball Arcade.

In the following trailer, you can see Tales of the Arabian Nights, Theatre of Magic, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, and Black Hole. It’s downright uncanny just how similar these digital versions look and sound to their real life counterparts:

The Pinball Arcade is slated for an “early 2012" release, and should come equipped with all the games shown in the trailer. The plan is to then frequently update the app adding new tables, for years to come, until you have the ultimate pinball collection sitting right in your pocket. I’m eagerly anticipating actually trying out the finished product, so we’ll be keeping our eyes out for a solid release date for The Pinball Arcade in the coming months.