Here's some news I wasn't expecting. is reporting that Capcom is readying an enhanced version of Mega Man X, the beloved Super Nintendo classic starring everyone's favorite blue hero, for release on iOS sometime this month.

The only catch with that is the game is only confirmed for release in Japan, but it's not a big stretch to imagine that Capcom would be bringing the game to other territories as well. In fact, I'll eat my blue helmet if we don't get Mega Man X in the US App Store at some point.

As Andriasang points out, has the first shots of Mega Man X on iOS, known as Rockman X in Japan. According to the blurb at Famitsu, this version of Mega Man X was actually previously released for feature phones, and is being ported to iOS with virtual touch screen controls and Game Center integration. As you can see by these shots, the graphics are quite different from the SNES classic, and while I'm usually a purist when it comes to things like this, I actually think it looks damn good.

You would think that one of my favorite games from one of my all time favorite franchises coming to my mobile gaming platform of choice would be blowing my socks through the roof, and it is somewhat, but there's just one problem: Capcom has tried Mega Man on iOS before with Mega Man II [$2.99/Lite] and – how do I put this delicately? – it was a total disaster. Mega Man II is one of the most difficult platforming games ever, requiring pinpoint accuracy with jumping and combat. The subpar virtual controls in the iOS version just didn't cut the mustard, though to Capcom's credit the game was updated frequently and the experience did improve over time, it just was never ideal.

Another issue with the Mega Man II release was that the iOS version was based off of a feature phone version of the game, and came with some concessions due to this. The jumping was floaty and weird, levels and enemy placement was reworked, and in general it just didn't "feel" like the Mega Man II we know and love. Again, to Capcom's credit they did update the game to rectify most of those issues with a Classic Mode, but it still ended up feeling pretty different than the original. Being that Mega Man X is a port of a feature phone game, I have my fingers crossed that those types of issues won't crop up again.

Mega Man X is slated to hit the Japanese App Store sometime this month. Pricing and any release outside of Japan aren't yet confirmed, but we'll be keeping our fingers crossed that we can get our hands on Mega Man X on this side of the world soon too.

[Via Andriasang and Famitsu]

  • Anonymous

    I wish it could bring a "classic mode" with original gameplay and, only a dream, 16 bit graphics.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't mind the new graphics...if the art wasn't that bland.

  • Caleb Howe

    Well, speaking as someone who really enjoyed the MM2 iOS release (perhaps because I hadn't played the old games?) I'm definitely looking forward to an english MMX. I'm hardly an MM purist but I like the graphical style here; the screen seems somewhat compressed compared to what I'd expect of an MM game, though.

    Well, perhaps we'll see.

  • Camping Food

    I am trying to find codes that can quickly level up
    my characters, but the closest I can find is a few codes that can level
    up Mega Man X only.

  • Brady

    Well, at least this looks way better than that 2.5D crap they pulled out for the PSP. As long as they stay sprite-based I can get behind the visuals.

    Suspecting controls are gonna be a pain, but I'll probably pick this up anyway for nostalgia factor.

    • Bryan Rollins

      i actually liked that. i really wanted more and was pretty sad they didn't come out with another one.

  • Phil Baxter

    Megaman games are tough on a touchscreen, simply because they're so... tough. You need super accurate controls to stand a chance of survival.

    Still, if it's 60fps I may give this a go to see how it fares.

  • Anonymous

    Yay, one step closer to getting mega man zero on iOS!

  • Anonymous

    My only problem with the new graphics are: they look like a sort of flash game; imho, this "flat and outlined" style don't match the spirit of Megaman X.

  • Dave

    I have never been able to play a game with a virtual d-pad for more than 10 minutes without giving up in frustration. I can't imagine playing a Mega Man game like that, considering how hard they are. I'll pass.

    • Alex

      Do you have and ipod touch? I can beat megaman dying few time (5-7) on the ipod touch. U need play a lot with the ipod touch in order to get better skills.

  • Mike

    I also agree that the art style is strange looking. It's like a celebrity facelift... Just looks off.

  • makenda

    i can finish "megaman 2 for IOS" :D, so, if this have better contorl response it will be piece of cake.

  • Brendan Charles

    I had fun with MMII for iOS, but I had to play on easy- anything higher and the controls just weren't tight enough. I beat it on the plane to hong kong and was more just a nostalgia-romp than anything else.

  • Troy Mossman

    Games like this require supremely accurate controls, and the iPhone or iPad will never deliver that. iGames need to be designed with the platform in mind (Storm in a Teacup or Infinity Blade). If that's not possible, move it to a platform where it is.

    I love seeing games like this being spread to as many users as possible, but this isn't the ideal platform.

    Besides, how could this possibly be better than Maverick hunter X for the PSP? That was a proper update. This just looks like they HD'd the graphics.