Zombie Gunship [Free] is easily our favorite zombie game featuring an AC-130. Chances are that it'll be one of yours, too, if you gave it a shot. Normally, Limbic Software asks for a paltry $.99 in return for your fun, but today? It's available at $0. Deals, guys, they happen all the time!

If you'd like to prepare yourself while the game is downloading, spend some time with our review. We were cheeky at the top, there, but this is honestly one of our favorite iOS games and Gunship does a great job differentiating itself in the zombie game "space." Plus, Limbic is really, really good at keeping tabs on the game's community and updating the title consistently.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Anyone who hash't gotten this definitely needs to download this now. Really great game.

  • Anonymous

    Great, now the next update will have ads. I wish these devs would just stop giving the game away if they're going to put ads in a game that some people have paid for. I can't say for sure they will add ads but most devs do after making their game free.

  • http://twitter.com/rocketcatgames Rocketcat Games

    More like Zombie Funship

  • http://twitter.com/akgfx Arash Keshmirian

    Whoa, whoa.  No one said anything about ads.  This is just a limited-time 100%-off sale. At this time we have no plans to change our business model for Zombie Gunship.

    Limbic Software

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, there's nothing I hate more than buying a game that later goes free and then adds ads. I'm all for sales and getting the game out to as many people as possible as long as the people who actually pay for the game don't get the shaft in the process.

  • http://twitter.com/AlwaysTexan2000 Doug Reed

    If you don't have this game already, you should totally snag it while it's free. One of my favorite games on the iPhone. 
    Limbic - awesome game. Would have loved to get it for free but I'm perfectly happy having paid you for the pleasure of playing this game!

  • Anonymous

    Limbic has been, without a doubt, the most involved and receptive developer I've encountered. Personalized, direct contact through their Facebook page really makes me feel as though they're listening and care what we think. Get this game for free, sure, but if you miss the sale, get it anyway!