You might remember that way back in June we took a look at Super Stickman Golf [99¢] developer Noodlecake Studios' current project, called Lunar Racing at the time. This multiplayer-centric 2D side-scrolling racing game looked like it had all sorts of promise, especially considering how well Noodlecake nailed the multiplayer aspect of Super Stickman Golf. But, it's been nearly six months and I'd started wondering just what the heck was going on with the development.

Well Noodlecake must have sensed my curiosity, because recently they sent over some new details and have released a trailer for their new game, now with the slightly adjusted title of Lunar Racer. Gameplay will involve racing against 3 other vehicles on each of our solar system's moons. Each vehicle auto-accelerates at the same speed, so everybody is on equal footing. The key to doing well is performing tricks as you race to fill up your nitro boost, so the racer who can pull off the best stunts and land their jumps the cleanest will have more boost to surge ahead of the pack with.

There will also be a combat element to Lunar Racer, which is another way to gain advantages during a race. You'll be able to collect a selection of powerups like missiles, shields,mines, and then unleash them on your opponents similar to the Mario Kart games. In fact, the select few who have been testing early versions of the game describe Lunar Racer as Tiny Wings meets Mario Kart and Death Rally. Sounds pretty good to me! Check out the trailer below for a glimpse into the gameplay.

At this point, none of the details for Lunar Racer are completely set in stone, so it's possible there's more facets to the gameplay that are still yet to materialize. But what I've seen so far definitely looks cool. With any luck the game will be ready to go in the next month or two, and we'll definitely be keeping tabs on any new details. In related Noodlecake news, the superb Super Stickman Golf has just received a large update that adds 6 brand new courses, a new leaderboard and 100 points worth of achievements, and of course some ever important bug fixes. Make sure to check out the new update to Super Stickman Golf and keep your eyes peeled for some more Lunar Racer news soon.

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    Kinda-sorta reminds me of Uniracers. Although I still want to see a Uniracers clone in the App Store. That is my dream game.