If you're a fan of Red Dead Redemption and similar western-themed horse riding games with lots (and lots) of fighting, Gameloft's upcoming Six-Guns might just be what you're looking for. The environments look pretty impressive, although I'm not entirely sure which games Gameloft will be borrowing the combat mechanic from just yet. Take a look:

One curious thing that sticks out in the trailer is the whole "play for free" thing. Gameloft has been predictably vague in just how players will actually pay for the game, but hopefully whatever free to play model they settle on won't be too offensive to gamers.

  • Anonymous

    I'm sick of these.  Gameloft rips off games in the same genre, but with completely different gameplay and art style, and turns them all into the same FPS/cover-based 3PS/hack 'n slash/driving game/combination of these.  Even their Zelda clone has basic the same hack 'n slash gameplay seen in Spider-Man.  They're a terrible company.  They make EA and Activision look like Rare during the SNES era.

    • clarence zhang

      their games are getting better. sometimes its way better than the original,I support gameloft, they made a contribution to IOS.

  • Chris Miller

    It doesn't matter what free to play model they use, it's still going to be offensive. I wish Gameloft would just go out of business.

  • http://twitter.com/woodesh matthew wood

    i was watching the trailer wondering if i'm going to get to shoot women. thankfully my question was answered.

  • http://twitter.com/AlannnnxD Alan Angel Rojas

    The guy bashing Gameloft is right. Look at mc3 and it is almost the same as mw2 from activision. The same quantity of campers, bullshit, and with the great adition of kill streaks, you know they ripped of mw2. And now withthis, Rockstar(creators of GTA and RDR) are getting ripped of its not cool. They need more originality >_<

  • http://twitter.com/joshyomygoshy josh nolan

    of course they rip off games because their goal is to answer the questions..... man what would it be like to play fill in the name of a fun console game... on my PHONE! and they do it... so stop whining they are still bringing the best action games there are out there... IF it is not them it would be someone else.... what can you expect for a phone game... not to long ago it was awesome to play tetris on your phone! Yes not original by any means but hey if i can pay $6.99 for something similar to a $60 game I am all over it. It may not be quite as big but again it is $6.99. Beats playing Infinity blade which sure looks great but you cant interact with 90% of the game... so again stop whining and thank them for bringing console games to ur phone

    • Anonymous

      Only they aren't console games. They're cardboard cut-outs of console games. If they were actually bothered to hire decent writers and voice actors, and take the time to iron out all the glitches, and come up with a concept that is at least half original rather than rip off popular games so shamelessly, then they would be. But they aren't, so they're not. In fact, the only Gameloft game that was even kind of original (in the sense that it wasn't obviously based on a particular game), March of Heroes, was scrapped half way through development. What does that tell you about them?

  • http://twitter.com/Swampthing Swampthing

    OMG the Gameloft whiners here are overbearing.  Get over IT.  Gameloft makes similar games to those on the consoles because those other just don't do it.  So what's wrong with that.  And keep in mind, you are comparing multi-million dollar franchises with a smaller company like Gameloft, yet expect the same quality from them?  Start buying their games, stop whining, and maybe they'll start getting enough profits to make those better games. 

    • Anonymous

      If people are buying their crappy games in droves, why should they spend more money to make their games non-crappy?  All buying Gameloft games does is starve the other devs that ARE making good games, and encourage Gameloft to put out more ripoff crap.

      • http://twitter.com/Swampthing Swampthing

        Yeah, I'm sure the other devs are "starving" due to Gameloft.  RIGHT...  Rather than get pissed off at Gameloft they need to get off their buttocks and create mobile games based on their own titles rather than whining like you about them doing it.  

      • Anonymous

        Money spent buying their crappy knockoffs is money that doesn't go to innovative devs.  If you dig crappy knockoffs, then by all means, support them with your dollars.  Just don't expect them to get any better.  They are a big soulless corporation in search of maximum profit.  They are going to cut costs wherever they can and provide the bare minimum required to make a sale.  There is no love of games involved, which is why they have to steal other people's ideas.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HWFBLUKORPPHWEQXBLSY7OAXZI Sokun Ros

    So any games that have western theme is an instant rip-off now? If that were true, then Red Dead Redemption would be a rip-off of Call of Jurez. Western is a theme of its own, learn your fact straight.

    I'm not really a supporter of Gameloft, however the hate that they get on this site is too much. I am not saying that this is 100% percent true, but if it wasn't for Gameloft, we might be still playing Tetris on our phone. Other devs wouldn't up their games or create hardcore games to compete with Gameloft.

    On a related note, I am getting tired of people saying Gameloft game is a carbon copy of console game. Sure they mostly are carbon copy, but are you willing to pay $60 for an iPhone game? Until then stop bitching and whining because your $6 can't make a game AAA quality like console. Until you are willing to pay more, this is what you are going to get.

    • Anonymous

      for 6.99 i can get dark meadow, shadow gun, infinity bade 1&2, machinarium, gyro13,uber racer 3d, death rally etc, etc which are way better than any of gameloft shit(except for the mc2&3 ). I'm not complaining their copycat released but I'm sick of this freemium type of business. they(gameloft) don't have soul in making games, all of they thinking is just how to make more and more profit.

  • http://twitter.com/locusceruleus locusceruleus

    As long as it's better than Warm Gun, I'll be happy. I still want my money back for that POS.

  • http://twitter.com/Chris_G_EAP Chris Gordon

    I keep getting suckered into buying these Gameloft rip offs and they always disappoint. 
    The best way I can think of describing Gameloft games is they are like those Nissans that are modded to look like Ferraris, at first glance they look like the real thing but on the inside there is something very sub par.Such blatant and obvious plagiarism is pretty bad too, I am surprised no one has slapped an IP claim on them yet.

    And this:
    "Money spent buying their crappy knockoffs is money that doesn't go to innovative devs.  If you dig crappy knockoffs, then by all means, support them with your dollars.  Just don't expect them to get any better.  Gameloft is a big soulless corporation in search of maximum profit.  They are going to cut costs wherever they can and provide the bare minimum required to make a sale.  There is no love of games involved, which is why they have to steal other people's ideas."

    Gameloft are hampering innovation.

  • http://twitter.com/DagobertDutch Luuk van Dongen

    @AcneVulgaris:disqus Soulless they are indeed! To me there is no problem in Gameloft trying to be Rockstar and Activision by copying their blockbuster titles and thereby providing mobile/handheld gamers experiences they normally wouldn't encounter on a 4 inch device, But they copy things with just one thing in their cramped minds: MONEY!. They don't create games for the sake of creating a great game. They do it for the sake of money and money alone. 
    What's keeping them for putting a little twinkle of good soul in their games. They all do look barren en forgotten and normally don't tend to bother me longer then 2 or 3 hours. Rockstars Western Epic Read Dead Redemption was living, breathing and it's existence was believable. I'm not saying Gameloft should create the same, for the obvious reason it's impossible from a technical point of view. But the trailer I saw above showed some randomly shooting and riding. No Atmosphere at all! It is possible for a mobile game contain the right atmosphere, look at Infinity blade! Even Angry Birds has ten times the soul and atmosphere then of all gameloft games accumulated. 

    I used to buy their games and that's past tense because of the fact that I don't fall for their trick over and over again. They do the same trick every time. And therefore It's a pity they do actually sell lots of their games. Otherwise they possibly would've payed more attention to their games in effort to attract more customers...