Surprise! Gameloft is holding a sale in honor of Thanksgiving. For a limited time, the studio is tossing out the regular price of a select 20 of its titles and lowering them to an agreeable ninety-nine cents. It wouldn't be a seasonal break without this kind of slash-and-burn sale from the mega publisher, so we're pretty relieved Gameloft stepped up and confirmed this year's Thanksgiving week. Thanks, guys!

Oh! And what's up for grabs? Surprisingly, a few uber-popular titles. Price of Persia: Warrior Within, Splinter Cell Conviction, and its Zelda clone Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden are all on the list with a few other notables. Check it out:

  • Anonymous

    don't know what's sadder, that i have all those ipad games (from the frequent .99 sales) or that i've never finished a single one of them...

    • Anonymous

      LMBO!!! I am so with you....although I've often found myself re-downloading many of the titles listed ( with full intention to finish what I started ) , only to rediscover that there was a reason I abandoned the game to begin with.... Like, per say: make room for something good. I have a proposition ! What if we charge Gameloft $.99 for every boring, overhyped, under-budgeted, ,rushed , blatantly-ripped off-just enough to suduce you into buying it - game they get us to choke on. I don't mind playing a good rip off.... But at least spend a little of the $1,000,000's of dollars we have thrown at you and actually make the failures you've stuck us with playable..... Updates work wonders.

      P.S. I'm not talking about you "modern combat 3" , so quit sobbing! I still love you.... Your an exception ..... In fact, you were probably adopted as a baby. Or maybe switched at birth... I don't know! I'm just glad your here... You and me MC3 ^_^

  • Jonathan Morris

    This will probably prompt flaming, but I actually think Gameloft games are 100% worth the $0.99 I spend on them. Just enough entertainment to fill 30 minutes to an hour of my time, and with high production qualities to boot. After all, this isn't some $59.99 PS3 title we're talking about, it's a $0.99 rip-off. WYSIWYG.

    Oh and I thought Sacred Odyssey and Starfront: Collision were great Zelda and Starcraft games...

  • Curtis Shideler

    I thought Gameloft games were worth the $$ too until I updated to iOS 5 and haven't been able to play NOVA ever since due to it's incompatibility with the latest iOS! You'd think a major developer would have prepared their core series' for the update. Guess not. And I'm still waiting... I'll hold off on purchasing any more Gameloft titles until I can play the ones I ALREADY own!

  • Slick

    Gameloft puts that action pack on sale and I already own one of the games in the pack. Can't they make the games in the pack a dollar too? Geez. Aside from this... me and Gameloft have some serious issues with the old Oregon Trail release. I'm through with this company after that debacle.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly the GenericLoft has only recently started getting their shit together, and those games are too recent to put on sale. I can wait next thanks giving to buy GenericLoft's games.

  • PJ Haight

    To be honest, I like what Gameloft is doing, 100%. Well, okay, probably closer to 95 or 90%, in app purchases to get better crap is annoying and unfair. But, i'm not talking about the sale, i'm talking about the games they release. Yeah, they seriously rip off companies like Blizzard, EA, Activision, but, so what? You don't see those studios releasing their best-selling titles on the app store-- and if they do, they probably suck and are overpriced. Gameloft picks up the baton where big-box companies left off and releases quality knock off versions of all the popular games right now: CoD/Battlefield, World of Warcraft, Halo, Starcraft, Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto, etc. People bitch about the big name studios releasing crappy, overpriced versions of their console games, and Gameloft makes their own versions at modest prices. What do people do then? They complain that Gameloft is ripping those companies off. Catch-22 all across the board. I may not be a businessman, but I know that the easiest way to get rid of the competition is to make something better than them, and, in my opinion (however jaded it may be) Gameloft has done exactly that by putting out large amounts of knock off games. They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, even if all Gameloft does is add cheesy voice acting and change the titles of games up a bit, it's still practically the same game as the real one. Also, you have to think about this: When was the last time you purchased a game for iOS from a big name studio and enjoyed it? Okay, okay, yes, Dead Space for iPod is probably the only good one until Minecraft PE gets updated. Gameloft puts out all of these games designed to be good knockoffs of popular games. And they do a damn fine job of it. This is why I feel Gameloft is doing the mobile gaming community a favor by releasing all of those great games. I mean think about this, where else can you get Call of Duty, Halo, World of Warcraft and Grand Theft Auto all on one gaming system for around $30USD? For twice that price you could get ONE COPY of the newest over-hyped Elder Scrolls or Call of Duty video game on xBox. I think people should cut Gameloft some slack, because they give us a lot of great games.

  • Anonymous

    Big plus on BackStab, enjoying that game greatly, definitely worth more than a buck.