Heads Up: ‘Infinity Blade’ On Sale; Chair Releases New ‘Infinity Blade 2’ Video

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Chair Entertainment’s mucho-celebrated and super popular hack-and-slash RPG, Infinity Blade, is on sale right now for $2.99. We’re not sure if it’s on the cheap because of Black Friday, Thanksgiving or the latest surge of mentions courtesy Infinity Blade 2 coverage, but hey, that’s not what’s important here. The fact that it’s three dollars cheaper and also an awesome game seems like the jucier material at the moment.

We’re pretty sure 99 percent of you know, own, and probably dig Infinity Blade, so for you one percent-ers out there? Do yourself a favor: buy this game. Also, keep your heads on a swivel because Infinity Blade 2 is almost here. The follow-up is due out on December 1 and will carry a $6.99 price tag, which is the first game’s usual price plus one. So far, it seems fantastic.

Check out the new video:

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