As wonderful of a thing as the App Store is, it comes with a heck of a seedy underbelly of unscrupulous developers and I really hate how often it seems like we're posting these rip-off alerts lately. Shameless clones are one thing, but flat out stealing a game's assets is an entirely different animal. Today's victims are the guys from Ironhide Game Studio, who currently have three different Flash games out in the wild. Kingdom Rush is their most popular, which is currently ripping up the charts on the various Flash game portal sites, and is boasting 40 million total plays worldwide. You can add one more to that number by clicking here and checking it out, it's a pretty cool little tower defense game.

In late July, Ironhide Games released Kingdom Rush, and in the last few weeks of October, My Yayi released the same game on the App Store… Although, you'll notice that the Ironhide and Armor Games logos have been removed, making the whole thing that much more damning. In fact, if you want to see a ton of other ripped assets, click the above image for a full-size comparison of multiple levels.

The guys from Ironhide Games have already explored all the regular channels to get the game taken down, including sending copyright infringement notices, contacting Apple, and even hiring outside consultants to help get it removed. Yet, it remains. We've heard the actual process of getting a stolen game removed can be rather slow from other developers who have experienced similar problems, but it's no-doubt incredibly painful for the original creators to look at the game up on the App Store in the meantime.

  • Vince

    whoa..damn these thieves! looks like a random 'riview' site even has a link to toucharcade lol.

  • Santiago Ontanon

    Shameful. Specially, since Kingdom Rush is one of the best TD games available! As a fan of the game, I'd really like there was a way to make "My Yayi" pay for this theft!

  • Anonymous

    Unrelated, but I wish they would make an iPod/iPhone/iPad version of their game.

  • lito88

    We are making an iPad version. Armorgames will be the publisher and its almost done.

  • Adams Immersive

    And yet StoneLoops was removed, at MumboJumbo’s request, despite being at least very different visually and somewhat unique play-wise (and quite fun). Not a clone. (Although if I were the creator of Puzz Loop, I’d be annoyed at both of them! It wasn’t MumboJumbo that invented that.)

  • Noah

    That iOS port looks sweet! Can we get a link to download it?!

    • Nick

      Sigh. I hope that was sarcasm. You just can't tell these days 😛

  • Matthew Carnevale

    Haha at least it's not the Unity 'Penelope' sample being sold for $25 with the same bloody boiler plate description "You are --insert name--, a teenage girl, blah blah".  Those are REALLY ANNOYING.  I wonder if people actually pay $25 for those things.

  • Sanuku

    I am the only One who thought about a different Company when Brad said " seems like we're posting these rip-off alerts lately..." ?

  • koyut

    To all popular flash game developers: Port your games now to iOS and avoid the hassle of filing copyright claims.

    • Anonymous

      Sad but true.

    • Anonymous

      Sad but true.

  • Christian

    Sorry, I wantet to read the rest of the article but after that link to play Kingdom Rush was clicked I've found it hard to accomplish, well anything.

  • John Francis

    This really is Apple's responsibility. I think the App Store is amazing but the 30% every developer hands over should go to more than just server space and keeping porn off the store.

    • Noah

      Apple can't be the police when it comes to "who" made something first. For all Apple knows, the Flash version was a copy and the guy who submitted the app made the original version.

      The best they can do is take down apps after an investigation / accusation.

      • Sam Martin

        Right, but read the last parqgraph of the article. It shouldn't be that difficult or slow.

  • Anonymous

    Ironhide should have put Kingdom Rush on iOS first instead of on Flash.

  • Sam Martin

    Right, but read the last parqgraph of the article. It shouldn't be that difficult or slow.

  • Sam Martin

    Sorry, this should have been a reply, but it screwed up on my iPad, won't let me edit it, and doesn't have a delete option…

  • appfreak

    This is direct photocopying of the game. If that Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja mashup we saw last week in the charts took one week to remove... This one looks evident copying, but I bet Apple wants to hear about both sides first. I wonder what they do with the people who bought it