Yesterday, RedLynx announced via a press release posted in their forums that it had been picked up by French publishing giant Ubisoft. Most gamers came to know RedLynx as the creators of the massively popular and critically acclaimed Trials HD on the Xbox Live Arcade, but the Finnish developer has also trekked into the iOS App Store with Monster Trucks Nitro 1 [99¢] and 2 [$2.99], the unique line-drawing racers DrawRace [$2.99] and DrawRace 2 [99¢/HD], and the new-level-a-day platformer Thousand Heroes [99¢/HD].

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot had this to say about the acquisition of RedLynx:

The team at RedLynx has developed exceptionally strong digital brands that stand out for their high replay value, their long tail sales and their multiplatform positioning. We are delighted to welcome RedLynx to the Ubisoft family. Their expertise in asynchronous online games and physics-based game mechanics provides us with a great opportunity to bring their powerful brands, most notably Trials, to an even broader range of fast-growing digital platforms.

Did you catch that? He states how interested Ubisoft is in bringing RedLynx's powerful brands to fast-growing digital platforms. Hey, the App Store is a fast-growing digital platform! And he specifically mentions Trials, the company's most notorious and beloved brand. Could this mean there is intent to bring a Trials game to the App Store? Motorcycle physics games have been quite a popular genre on iOS already, like the awesome recently released Bike Baron [99¢], among others. But it would be impossible to deny that despite how good some of those similar games are, in my heart I'd really love to be playing the actual Trials HD on my iOS device.

Time will tell if the App Store will finally get its Trials day in the sun or not, but this latest acquisition by Ubisoft makes it seem like there's a strong possibility. A Trials HD successor, Trials Evolution, is set to debut in the coming months, and if it's bound for the App Store in any way then you can be sure we'll let you know.

[Via Joystiq]

  • John Usher

    OMG!!! I'm going to run through the streets naked I'm so excited at the prospect of trials hd on iOS.

  • Anonymous

    At this point I'd like a version of Trials Evolution, but yeah, of course I'd wholeheartedly endorse a version of Trials HD if that's what we get.

  • KaPaNyOp

    Most of all they made amazing Pathway to Glory and High Seaz for N-gage. Those games where just made for touch screens. Hope they will port them to iOS. Sorry for my English 😉

  • Anonymous

    Trials Developer on the forum told: "So far Trials series has four cross platform titles (Trials, Trials Pro, Trials Construction Yard, Trials Mountain Heights), two PC titles (Trials 2, Trials 2 Second Edition) and two Xbox 360 titles (Trials HD and Trials Evolution). I am waiting forward to working with Ubisoft in the future. If they can help us bring our games to wider audiences, that would be a great thing." He speaks about PC and xbox platforms, does not seem that they plans Trials for iOS in the near future. Looks like they want to create a PC versions. Anyway, I'm still waiting for release Rock(s) Rider of iOS, it's the same type of game and it looks great. Sorry for my English 😉