New weapons, monsters, and features continue to drip into Capcom's Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting [$4.99].  The latest update, which hit pretty late this October, packs a social media twist. In addition to combat video saving and sharing, players can now tweet their scores and communicate with other users from within the game. Huge!

Late October's update also has a couple of new monsters and weapons. Diablos, Lunastra, Azure Rathalos, and Kirin have joined the ranks of enemies, while the Gunlace and its auto guard skill have joined the weapon list. Another camera tweak has been introduced as well, allowing players to see scenes from above.

The sharing stuff in particular strikes us as a really meaningful addition. Monster Hunter has always been a game about exploitation. Talking with dudes about what you've done is a big part of the meta game, so being able to really get your voice and actions out there is a huge plus.

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    I'd like to see some stinking online play modes like co-op!  The whole premise of MH is that it is insanely hard.  Having an extra couple of guys in the fight would even the odds.  Plus it would be much more fun.  I don't see why the current devices - i4 and 4S couldn't handle the processing load.