This week on The TouchArcade Show, we fight through conversations about Soft Paws, Modern Warfare 3, leather couches and Battlefield 3 in order to bring you the hottest front page and reviews action of the week. For example, we dig into Shantae: Risky's Revenge and get into lengthier discussions on subjects such as battery life across new mobile gaming devices, the impact of sales on revenue, and game saves. Overall, I really dug this week and we all hope you do, too.

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The show notes are coming, but before you leave us, know this: we'll be back next week with another regular episode of the show and another great bonus podcast.



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Have a good weekend, guys!

  • Anonymous


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  • harmfulguy

    This was the first episode I've ever listened to; I was expecting to hear about iOS games. I gave up after fifteen minutes.

    • qpawn

      The TA Show format is usually intros/chat, iOS reviews/discussion, Kitty Korner (a gentleman/scholar and his beard discuss an iOS cat-related title), front page news/discussion (mostly, but not limited to, the iOS market), and viewer mail.

      The early chat in this 70 minute episode happens to be focused on console games and it is discussed for 10 minutes or so after about 5 minutes of the usual intro chat. Overall, the podcast is very focused on iOS from the perspective of three honest fellows.

      • harmfulguy

        Maybe I'll give the show another chance, then. I don't mind a little bit of "intro chat", but as a general rule, if I listen to a show for fifteen minutes, and don't hear anything I downloaded it for in the first place, that doesn't encourage me to keep listening.

      • Eli Hodapp

        The TouchArcade Show is a personality-driven podcast and the idea behind it is to give readers an idea of who we are an how that informs our game reviews and other coverage decisions. A big part of this is general gaming industry discussion and other things you might consider off topic. This probably isn't the podcast for you if you're looking for a 100% focused iOS show.