We're greedy folks over here. When Grand Theft Auto 3 was announced for the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2, we immediately started thinking about also playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and its successor San Andreas on our new-fangled devices. Digital Trends must have jacked into our hive mind because it apparently quizzed Rockstar about the possibility of seeing these two games come to iOS, too. The good news is that it's "very possible," according to Rockstar but it would also present a "technical challenge."

Obviously, we're not inside of Rockstar, so it's impossible to talk specifically about what might hold-up the process. Heck, we don't even know why exactly GTA3 is being restricted to hardcore tablets and phones at first, either, but it's probably safe to assume that a variety of factors, including sales of GTA3 and what shape the original code for Vice City and San Andreas are in, will be two bridges to cross when decision time comes.

Grand Theft Auto 3 for iOS was announced a few weeks ago. It should hit in 2011, but no specific release details outside of the year have been dished out so far.

[Via Digital Trends]

  • Anonymous

    GTA SA on IOS :O If this happens it will put me over the line and get a iPad

    • Anonymous

      YES YOU NEED AN IPAD!!! (whispering in your ear) "iiipad, iiipad, iiipad, iiipad" lol

      • Anonymous

        LOL I have a iPhone 4 and I am getting a 360 next month so it wont be for a while

    • GetOuttaHereYouIAP

      Did you ever get an iPad?! 🙂

  • http://thinkios.com/ Zaib Ali

    San Andreas on iPad? WoW

    • Anonymous

      on iPad *finger counting* 6 to be exact...

  • Anonymous

    I really wish reviewers would be more clear with the "new" features they are seeing in GTA III. Sometimes it seems like they are just repeating the talking points Rockstar has given them. Like the "new" 3D model engines they mention I'm pretty sure were actually introduced in the XBox version. So have they been redone again or are they simply new compared to the PS2 and PC version most people are familiar with?

    And I'm thinking the porting of future GTA games will quickly become more of an economic decision rather than a technical one. If a Vice City port comes late next year, they'll be able to drop 4th gen device support and target 5th and 6th gen devices. A San Andreas port in 2 years targeting 6th and 7th gen devices likely with quad cores, double the RAM, double the stock flash memory capacity, will likewise take care of the size and performance concerns on it's own.

  • http://twitter.com/zackola Zack H

    I would absolutely love to see GTA2 on one of these devices. One of my favorite games ever.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6K5MM7TCT7B42G2YF56OZOT4ZY Im not

      I never understood why Rockstar decided to develop a port of GTA3 for iOS before even considering porting GTA2 to iOS. GTA2 would make a hell of a lot more sense to port to iOS considering the bird's-eye view would work better for iPods/iPhones. Even now I still have my doubts on the whether the control scheme for GTA3 on the iPhone 4S would work well. If a simple 2D game like Angry Birds can be very successful on mobile devices, then I don't see why a GTA2 port wouldn't be.

  • http://www.facebook.com/OoOoOomonkey John Usher

    Release any gta game for ios and I'll be on it like fly's on $hit

  • Anonymous

    More GTA games in the pipeline for my iGadgets? Sign me up!

  • http://twitter.com/mguniverse Danny Perski

    The comments on joystiq.com for this same post are totally different. lol

  • http://twitter.com/SD456 Dániel Simai

    Can't wait for GTA III! I still remember when GTA III released back in 2002. I had a PC which can barely run it, now I will play it on my iPhone 🙂

  • Jason Mannello

    has anyone played Gangstar? theres no reason they can't do a perfect version of GTA3 on iOS. hell it woulda worked on the original iphone

  • Anonymous

    The GTA games (post I+II) are quite demanding on hardware.
    For example the iPhone 4 is incapable of rendering GTA Chinatown Wars at Retina resolution at a playable frame rate. So I can understand the need to focus on high-end devices first, although I wish they would have chosen San Andreas (best GTA:III series entry IMO)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J6OQLJETV7NHNMZ4ZJTTVCUWKY Zack Normandin

    Loved the GTA Series!http://www.isolatez.com

  • jiksaw213

    i never thought that one day GTA will ve available on iOS, even in my dream

    how amazing!

  • Anonymous

    when will be released...??? it says fall 2011 but its nearly winter :@ WE CANT WAIT ANYMORE!!....come on Rockstar..

  • wingz

    Wish rockstar would give us some info on vice city by now

  • CherryPopsicles

    I REEEAALLYY want them to put San Andreas on mobile. It's my favorite GTA game because I as a kid I would play nothing else. They should add cheat codes though, that would be awesome 🙂