We've already told you just how awesome Fish Labs' Galaxy On Fire 2 is in our review, which hit almost exactly one year ago. Since then, the original title has been updated a few times, and a DLC pack hit. In addition, Fish Labs had been teasing a high definition version of the game initially running on Tegra devices for way too long.

Well, that HD version hit earlier this month as Galaxy On Fire HD, released exclusively for A5-equipped iOS devices. It's even universal, to run on either your iPad 2 or iPhone 4S. Better yet, it can use either OpenFeint or iCloud to sync progress between devices. It launched with a few technical hiccups which kept us from sounding the alarm to go out and download it immediately, but those things have all since been fixed in subsequent updates.

Galaxy On Fire 2 HD is the exact same game as Galaxy On Fire 2, with substantially better graphics. If you already own Galaxy On Fire 2, there's basically no reason to "upgrade" to the HD version unless you just want some additional eye candy. However, since the game is so "old" (in App Store terms, anyway), it wouldn't surprise me if there's a bunch of people out there with 4S's or iPad 2's that never heard of it the first time around-- In which case, there's no better time to hop on this awesome game.

  • Anonymous

    I love Galaxy on Fire 2, but I'm disheartened that I'd have to spend another $10 to get the HD texture pack. I hope they add an IAP to the original product where I can get the HD pack for a discount.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, not going to bother paying again for the improved version.  also not going to bother buying their next game until a cheapo sale as a way of saying 'thanks' for telling the early adopters/supporters to go F themselves.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      This is a very silly line of thinking especially when you consider the timeline of the whole thing. Galaxy of Fire 2 came out in October 2010. They started doing Tegra demos in February of 2011. The iPad 2 was unveiled/released the following month and wouldn't be available in most countries for a month after that. Why would your original purchase include enhancements for devices that didn't even exist at the time of release?
      Seriously, I want to understand this in any way other than it being a typical iOS gamer entitlement complex. Do you feel Team Ico told purchasers of the original Ico and Shadow of the Colossus to "go F themselves" with the HD re-release of both games for the PS3? If not, why not? That's the same deal, an enhanced version of the same game for new hardware with no concessions being made to original owners of the PS2 version.
      Should you be entitled to a free copy of BluRay movies you already own on either Betamax, VHS, Laserdisc or DVD?

      • Anonymous

        breathe 😉

        I missed the part about it requiring ipad2/4s.  Thought it was playable on the original.  In which case I will take back my statement.  With it requiring the ipad2/4s most of your arguments are valid, otherwise they'd be meaningless.

        as for the 'entitlement complex', if that was the case, i'd be jailbreaking and warezing all the apps instead of buying them.

      • Anonymous

        I bought it on my iPad 2 only a couple of months ago, I'd gladly shell out another $5 or so for the HD textures.

      • Anonymous

        unless i missed yet another thing (in which case i quit the internetz while at work), there's no option for HD textures DLC, just buy same/new and start over.

      • Anonymous

        You're trying to make the original GoF 2 sound like ancient technology (Betamax? Are you serious?), but they were asking their customers to pay money for more GoF 2 content only six months ago. That's after the iPad 2 launched, by the way.

        Then four months later (just four months, as opposed to the nine years between DVD and Blu-ray in your absurd analogy), they announce a shinier version with no Valkyrie expansion. Note that there is no definitive "blu-ray" version yet. I can have the one with all the content or I can have the one with the sharp textures.

        Why should I pay them a third time for this game when I can wait six months and see what they do with Galaxy on Fire 2 next? I'm sure you'll say that I'm under no obligation to buy, but I'd really prefer it if one of my favourite iOS developers was doing something I wanted to support financially instead of revamping the same product every six months and asking for another $5-10.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        I guess the lesson learned here is to buy things on the App Store -as is-, not with hopes for updates, revamps, or a host of other things. Most of the disappointment I've seen coming from iOS gamers originates from the flawed assumption that developers owe you anything more than the game you initially downloaded.

      • Anonymous

        Nope. The lesson is not to buy Fishlabs games until at least ten months after the last major release. But is that the lesson that Fishlabs wants to teach its customers?

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Never buy anything in case something better comes out. Then don't buy that either because surely something even better is inevitably coming. Repeat.

      • Anonymous

        Never buy anything? Is everybody on the app store reskinning their old games less than a year after launch and asking existing customers for a second purchase?

        The reason you fail to understand my point is because you insist on extrapolating it to absurd lengths and applying it to products with a five or ten year life cycle. Nobody's going to wait five years, but waiting six months is easy.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        I think you're the one failing to understand the point. If you don't want to buy this version, and will wait six months before buying this developer's games in the future, then fine. There are plenty of people willing to pay the additional premium to support a developer and be on the cutting edge of technology. And there are plenty of people like you, who do not feel like paying the extra price for it. There's nothing wrong with that. Your current copy of the game still works, correct? Then Fishlabs has taken nothing from your original purchase that you bargained for when you bought it.

        Your problem is that you expect Fishlabs to explain to you their business practices ahead of time, because you feel they somehow owe this to you? Why is that? Maybe they didn't even know that they would be able to bring this high end version to iOS when they released the previous version. It did originate on Tegra only devices, after all. I think it's unfair to just assume that they are only out to screw you, rather than just rolling with the turbulent waters of technology advancement.

      • t.piwek

        Hey guys,

        first of all thanks to all those among you who spoke up for us and helped to make our situation a bit clearer. It's always really nice to see that one's work is appreciated. 🙂

        As for those who are still a bit upset, I'd like to point out that the main reason for the release of Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is not to soak the gamers, who already bought the title, once again, but rather to make it available with best possible visuals and state-of-the-art technology on the latest generation of handheld devices. In the long run, we want to make the game available on as many devices, systems and platforms and possible and we cannot achieve that aim, if we just recycle an app that on the one hand still looks pretty good, but on the other isn't optimized for the newest devices and doesn't take full advantage of the latest technologies. I don't think I'd surprise any of you if I said that the mobile industry is moving lightning-fast and in that branche, a year or even 6 months is a helluva lot of time. Two weeks ago, the iPhone 4S hasn't even been released, for example, and it has already been sold more than 4 million times (on the opening weekend alone). Of course, we want to give the owners of this device, as well as the iPad 2, a chance to play the game highly optimized for their particular smartphone or tablet and in best possible quality.

        Also, we put a helluva lot of work into the porting of the game and rebuild and redesigned all 3D models, texture sets, backgrounds, effects and other graphics from scratch, making the game look more beautiful than ever. This complete make-over took 5 man-years of work and cost quite a lot of money and as a rather small developer, we just cannot afford to write that money off by giving the finished product away for free or selling it in the 79 Cent category.

        The way I see it, this release is actually a win-win deal for every party involved, because Fishlabs is now able to present their most popular title in a stunningly beautiful HD version highly optimized for the hottest devices on the market, while the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S owners are now able to buy a game that takes full advantage of their smartphones' or tablets' technical and graphical capacities instead of having to resort to an app that has been released at a point in time when their devices weren't even announced, let alone available for purchase. Furthermore, the long-time GOF2 fans, who have already bought the game before, can decide for themselves whether the optimized graphics warrant a second purchase or not. If they really enjoy the game and want to experience it in HD as well, all they need to do is drink two beers or cokes less the next time they're in a bar or pub and they've already saved the price of GOF2 HD. And if they don't want to shell out another 10 bucks for the HD version, they can still play the regular Galaxy on Fire 2 (which looks really nice as well) and won't have to miss out on any missions, ships, weapons, systems or story lines. So, at least in my opinion, we're not ripping anybody off with this release, but rather do we offer everybody a fair chance to decide for themselves which version of GOF is best for them.

        Of course it's a bit unfortunate if a fan bought the regular version of GOF2 three months ago for his iPad 2 and now finds out that it's been released in HD for the same device as well, but that is something that's just unavoidable, because Apple surely enables their latest devices to run older apps as well. And since we cannot always have a new, individually optimized version of the game available as soon as a new device hits the market, there will always be situations in which the gamers will be able to buy an older version of one of our games and install it on a newer device. But this is certainly not something that happens every two months, so you won't have to buy basically the same title 5 or 6 times a year...

        As for offering Galaxy on Fire 2 HD as an in-app purchase or update, that's technically not possible, even if we could afford to write the rather high production costs off... it's a separate app and huge parts of it have been completely re-worked from scratch, so we can't just update the normal version to HD via automatic update or in-app purchase.

        Anyway, I hope you guys understand our situation a bit better now and still have fun cruising through the galaxy and partying with Mkkt Bkkt at some sleazy space joint in Shima system... 😉

        All the best,

      • Peter Pottinger

        It takes time and resources to make a great game like gof2 and even more time to update all the textures to HD.

        I was going to rant about people being cheapskates but you can either pay the developer to support them or pirate the game and get hacked saved games all for free.

        So in short, pay or don't pay. Stop whining because you can't have everything in life for free.

        Next you'll be complaining the price of rice goes down every day so we should starve ourselves until its 1c a pound. Ridiculous

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GHIIHTRJXIOZCAF2GESNKZH264 himanshu

      err. You mean that you will "buy" their game when it goes for a "sale" to teach them a lesson?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5IDKJJJSQCQFNLOCFDZSOENUOA k

    Can u move game saves from the old version to the HD version?

    • http://twitter.com/ZildjianKX Jeff

      Nope!  Awesome, huh?

    • Colin O'Brien

      You can't, unfortunately- Fishlabs said there was some sort of issue.  Not sure what it was, exactly.

    • t.piwek

      A new update has been released and now gamers are able to continue their old Galaxy on Fire 2 save games in HD. However, if you have bought Valkyrie as well, you will have to wait until Valkyrie HD is out because otherwise your old save games aren't compatible with the HD version and it's technically not possible to synchronize them... Valkyrie HD is currently scheduled for the first quarter of 2012 and everybody who already bought the original add-on will get the HD version of the add-on for free.

  • http://twitter.com/Scores87 Ed

    This trailer is from the mac version which looks little better, could you please put the ios trailer

  • Anonymous

    If this is for iOS, why does the trailer say it will "set your Mac on fire"?

  • Paul Francis

    Is this for iPad2 or 4S only, or will it run on iPhone 4 and iPad 1?

    • danijel korov

      It works on my iphone 4 fine, but when theres a lot efects it starts to glich. Redusing graphic detail to medium helps with that

      • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

        You really really really shouldn't have bought the HD version to run on your iP4.  Just... dude... seriously?

      • danijel korov

        I didnt, i just "try" it to see how it works. I bought normal version, befoure.

  • http://dustofhue.com Leon Chia

    GOF2/Valkyrie is a great game - assuming you like the genre. I played an embarrassing number of hours on it. Finished the main quest but haven't unlocked the last ship. I think it's great that FishLabs chose to upgrade the graphics on it. I remember when it was first released, GOF2 did not have iPad(1)-specific graphics, but they worked on it, and the upgrade was a beauty to behold.

    If I could go back in time and not bought all the 99-cent games that I never played more than an hour of, I'd have more than enough money to buy GOF2 twice, even thrice over. The gameplay is worth much more than the asking price.

    just got myself a 4S two days ago and I'm keen to continue, or even start afresh. For those of you complaining about the price - well, I'm sure if you wait long enough, the price will drop. If you enjoy this particular genre (or was perhaps disappointed by another similar-looking but decidedly very different game with the same first word in its name as GOF2), no hesitation is needed.