Coming early next year, developer FarSight Studios will be bringing a massive collection of some of the most classic pinball games from throughout history to just about every single gaming platform imaginable. Of course, the one that matters most to us is the iOS platform, which the upcoming Pinball Arcade is indeed slated to hit. You're likely familiar with FarSight's previous pinball work, the Pinball Hall of Fame series, with The Gottlieb Collection and The Williams Collection, each of which has landed on various platforms over the last several years. With The Pinball Arcade, they look to take a similar "collection" approach, only with far more licensed tables.

The Pinball Arcade lays claim to more than 50 different tables from classic companies like Williams and Gottlieb (naturally), Bally, and Stern. FarSight is calling the game "the most comprehensive pinball video game ever created" which it certainly will be if they can really achieve their lofty goal of included tables. Details are scarce at this point, but it sounds as if the game will initially ship with at least the tables mentioned in the above trailer, and possibly more, with a steady stream of additional tables being made available as downloadable content post release.

We'll look to dig up some more information on The Pinball Arcade as the new year approaches, but the prospect of having dozens of virtual representations of classic pinball machines available right in your pocket has players in our forums drooling in anticipation (myself included).

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I haven't really been getting into these iOS pinball games, but this should change that. Hopefully they render everything in 2048x1536 so they can be on top of things when the iPad goes retina. None of this 1080p garbage.

    Then all we need is an iCade 2 with some flipper buttons and pinball heaven.

  • Cat Astrophy

     Theatre of Magic and Medieval Madness is all I need for a must buy Pinball title.

  • Gord Lacey

    Wow, this is freakin' awesome. I'm a huge pinball fan, and I'll definitely pick this up (likely on iOS AND the PS3).

  • Steve Sabol

    Anyone know the likelihood of the Addams Family table showing up? As much as I'd like to blow 7K on the real thing I suspect my wife will frown on that purchase. Just a hunch, though.

  • Anonymous

    Great to see this on the Mac, too. I play Visual Pinball on a Windows partition, but native pinball classics FTW.

    I notice no love for the Wii, but the NIntendo 3DS is in there.

  • Jens Krebs

    Yipeee . . . 

  • bones boy

    I wish for Paragon, Firepower, Meteor, and the Playboy machine (the Bally version). Wasted a lot of high school days smoking and playing these machines.

  • Anonymous

    FarSight are the makers of the best pinball sims I have ever played. Try their Pinball Hall of Fame games on Wii, PSP, and other consoles. Licensed classic tables, good graphics, very good physics... These guys are the real deal, and I'm so glad they're finally coming to iOS.

  • Jacob Gehman

    Excellent! I loved The Gottlieb Collection. A fun pinball experience, yes, but they also put in great pinball history with fun unlockables. This'll be a day one when it hits!

  • Montgomery

    Bout damn time (although next year sucks - yeah! It's coming out - far in the future). All the current pinball offerings have horrible physics, and tables that range from bad to horrible. There's no playfield design of any mention, just a bunch of "pretty crap" slapped on a generic to terrible table.

    The reason that these licensed tables work - is because they were actually designed by pinball people - not some dork in a garage with an iOS devkit.

  • Transcend Yourself

    I really hope they include Bally's Centaur. I have dreams about that game, literally.