One of our very favorite platforming games here in the TouchArcade Mothership is Ravenous Games' League of Evil [$1.99/Lite], which was released and reviewed by us this past February. The charming pixel art and kick ass chiptunes created a modern-retro aesthetic that's right up our alley, and the virtual controls are amongst the finest we've ever seen on the iOS platform. The game can be tough as nails sometimes, but in that good "please sir, can I have some more?" kind of way.

One feature that has been requested by players ever since the original release is native iPad support for League of Evil. Today, that wish has come true. The game has been updated to be Universal, and it both looks and plays phenomenally on the larger screen of the iPad. One awesome little detail is that the game works in both landscape and portrait mode on the iPad, and I've found that I'm actually digging the portrait mode the most. It makes me feel like I'm playing a huge Game Boy, which is always a good thing.

Not to be overshadowed by Universal support in this update is the inclusion of full iCade support (including menus), as well as support for the wonderful little Joypad Game Controller [Free]. Both offer interesting external ways to play League of Evil, and are welcome additions. Finally, the game is now Retina Display optimized, and the 7 exclusive levels from the lite version have now been added into the full paid game. If you've been keeping the lite version on your springboard just for those levels, then you can now bid farewell to that extra icon.

Don't be shy and go grab the new League of Evil update right away, and get busy enjoying the game on your iPad as well as the many other new features that have been added.

  • Anonymous

    I tried the universal update on my iPad, but the controls are screwed up, or they sure were for me. Half the time when I jump, I can't move to the side very far before it just stops moving sideways and I fall straight down. Is anyone else seeing this problem? Also the controls are poorly positioned for play on an iPad. Very awkward to play. The dev needs to look at other games that do this better, such as 1000 Heroz.

    • clarence zhang

      no,i think the character moves is very innovative (in terms of IOS) and control is good. but i think its better to have more Heath Point instead of died that easily. This mode is great, cant refrain from imaging more deeper action games in the future like this.

  • App Store Gamer

    Controls are working fine for me. I think they're better on iPad. I'm happy they made this universal.

  • dalurkersteve

    I'm in love with the icade support for this game.  I played a large portion of this game when it first came out (the first couple campaign and a slew of the impossible missions) and picked it up again on the iCade and am in love all over again.  I'm a big fan of some of the other platformers on the advices (notably the bounce on series) but this one is by far the best.  The iPad mode is a welcome addition and is absolutely a killer app for the icade.  Highly recommended