Late last month we posted about Semi-Secret Software's announcement that they not only were publishing Bit Blot's award winning action adventure game Aquaria, but it'd also be hitting this fall. Well, "this fall" has recently been revealed to mean "November 3rd." Anyway, this teaser trailer will tell you everything you need to know to start getting really excited for this iPad game:

Aquaria sports a 82/100 over on Metacritic as well as a 9.2/10 overall user score, so if you own either an iPad or an iPad 2 this is a game you should really be looking forward to if you're not already.

  • Ronny Walther

    on my birthday!? then there must be an iphone version too, since I have no iPad! make one for me, please! lol

  • Masa

    I played aquaria  on my PC and I really love it. It's pity we can't play it on iPhone and iPod Touch.

  • Chris Aanerud

    Excellent news. This looks awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Looks excellent... this game looks like it was made for the bigger screen iPad. Definitley a 1st day purchase for me, hopefully there will be a launch sale.

  • Alex Bratu

    omg, OMG, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FreeFrog

    Cool. I liked the Mac demo of Aquaria a few years back, but not enough to buy it at the computer-sized price. Perhaps the iPad version -- with the improvements -- will suck me in. 😀