Back in August, we received the squeal-inducing news that Sega was readying a port of the classic Sonic CD for downloadable markets on home consoles and mobile. And by mobile, that meant it was coming to the App Store. But, this isn't shaping up to be just a mere port. Instead, Sega has enlisted the work of Christian Whitehead, a gifted software programmer who basically created his own game engine from scratch that was capable of running Sonic CD (among many other things, I'm sure) on multiple platforms with all sorts of optimizations and enhancements.

This Sonic CD project from Whitehead actually sparked off more than two years ago, and it's still crazy to me to think that it's actually finally materializing as a real, official release. Today, Sega has put out another trailer for the upcoming Sonic CD re-release, which you can see below:

The trailer pegs the release for Sonic CD as "late 2011", which is fast approaching. This is one release date that I really hope doesn't get pushed back, as I've been eager to get my manly hands on an iPhone port of Sonic CD ever since the first video of the unofficial port popped up back in 2009. And I know I'm not alone, as Sonic CD is revered as one of the best – if not the best – Sonic games to come out of the golden age of 2D platforming known as the 90s.

We'll keep a close eye out for any new tidbits of information on Sonic CD as the release date approaches, and you can join in on a discussion of the game with other like-minded Sonic fanatics in our forums.

  • Brandon Butler

    This + Sonic Generations seems like SEGA is finally getting their act together and giving fans what they want...

    • Phil Baxter

      I'm all for Sonic CD, but Generations is a total mess. 30fps for a side scroller is an instant headache inducing fail.

  • Anonymous

    One of the smartest things SEGA has done in a while - hiring that guy.  Good job SEGA!

  • Anonymous

    Use this engine to release all the Mega Drive Sonic games on iPhone please Sega!

  • BulkSlash

    I just hope they do a better job with the controls on this one compared to the Megadrive emulations of Sonic 1 and 2.

  • Richard

    Sonic CD is vastly overrated IMHO. It feels like Sonic Team designed a load of levels for Sonic 1, put the best 25% of them in that game, and Sonic CD is made out of the other 75%. Despite its much-ballyhooed time-travel mcguffin (which isn't even necessary to complete the game) it's simply not as good as Sonic 2.

    • Phil Baxter

      I totally disagree, I've always thought Sonic CD was the best Sonic by far. I played it to death on my old Mega CD, far more than Sonic 1 and 2, and the fairly weak Sonic 3.  The JP and EU versions also have the best Sonic soundtrack ever, which thankfully is the music Sega are using with this port.

    • Adam Ismail

      Sonic CD will always be the high point of the franchise for me because of the depth of the experience. The story was deeper, the game encouraged you to explore via time traveling, and the music was the best the series has ever seen in my opinion. Then there's the opening and end animation sequences, and the Sonic OVA which is basically a movie adaptation of Sonic CD. It took what was great about the first two games and perfected it.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, generations looks like it'll fare better if they released it for iOS with both classic and modern mode