You wanted it, apparently, so Remedy Entertainment is dropping it into Death Rally [$.99]. This morning's update to the arcade racing title re-born adds a beta online multiplayer for up to five dudes. From what we're seeing, the online is just like the typical campaign component, except actual people are pummeling your rear and scuffing your 'caps. Only six maps and one car are available at the moment, but we're fairly sure that number will go up in future updates or IAP opportunities as soon as Remedy is finished testing.

Interestingly, this pack rolls in a few new 'additions', including a multiplayer variant of the Shrieker, which offers a "separate level advancement" from cars in the single-player mode. You'll also notice some better anti-aliasing on the iPad 2, a new Flamethrower weapon via IAP, and some new achievements.

Death Rally is senseless fun. We totally re-realized this earlier today when putting the multiplayer through some paces to test its awesome-ness. If you're still in the market for something a little silly, a little violent, and pretty frantic, this is probably definitely it. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have more death to rally.

  • Jonas

    The Shrieker is not a new addition, as it has been available in single player for quite some time.

    Other than that, great article, great update 😉

  • Faringan

    Best 0.79 Euro I've ever spent 😀

  • James Bond

    Is the multiplayer worth redownloading the game for? I beat it once and it got kind of boring... and deleted it.

    • Jordan T

      Real Racing 2 and this are 2 totally different games. real Racing is more of a simulation and definitely requires some skill to control the car. Death Rally is more "arcadish", but really fun. Both have nice visuals, but I like the art style of Death rally better. Get Real Racing 2 if you want more of a simulator. Death Rally if you just want a fun racing game.

      • Jordan T

        Whoaaaaa man!!! I'm really liking multiplayer. So you pretty much start out with a new/basic car that you have to upgrade. you click on one of the three maps to begin a game. My first time it timed out, but after that I've been able to get into a match in about 10 seconds. You definitely can feel the "user error" in matches which is what makes multiplayer so freakin' fun. After a match you get to spend any money you have on enhancements for your car. Yes there is an IAP, but it doesn't impede your gameplay at all. Actually it gives you a flamethrower, two cars , a new level, and new rewards (I personally don't like IAP, but I understand why the developer added them. The game is kind of old and they need the monetary support.)As far as the bug, it seems that with the screen orientation lock on, the buttons get reversed. Meaning that in order for me to control my car, I have to use the top right part of the screen. If you close out of the app, but don't kill it, it will work properly.

      • Jordan T

        Sorry for the double post

      • Jonas

        The cars can actually be unlocked without the IAP 🙂 But yeah, with the mp update, Death Rally is quite a lot of fun for 0.99, and throwing the devs another dollar seems fair. (I just wish the IAP that gives the flamethrower and new map also did not unlock stuff that can be unlocked through playing. New cars and equipment are one of the few persistant aspect of Death Rally, and I want to keep working towards them.)

  • John Linneman

    Would love to see them update this to support 60 fps on the iPhone 4S.  It runs beautifully on iPad 2 and I'd imagine they could deliver 60 on the 4S as well.