Yesterday , TouchArcade attended EA's Naughty or Nice game event in New York and got some hands-on time with a host of new titles on the way to the App Store from EA, Chillingo, and PopCap Games. We'll be sharing details on these titles across several posts, but first up is the new one from PopCap, Popcorn Dragon.

Popcorn Dragon is a fun little game full of the cute and also the whimsy. It puts you in touch control of Ignatius Flambé, a little dragon with big dreams. Ignatius is something of a cinephile and, as such, he flies about 10 different levels, each themed with different classic movie backdrops -- there's westerns, sci-fi, mysteries and more. Along the way, Ignatius must ch0w-down on as much popcorn as possible by using his fiery breath to pop the hale of corn kernels that float across the gamescreen. The more popcorn he eats, the longer his tail becomes. Sadly, various baddies seek to thwart Ignatius' popcorn popping progress, so the player must be on the lookout for vultures, velociraptors, luchadores and the like. Luckily, Ignatius' fiery breath can singe more than just popcorn, and that long tale is good for a few whacks at the baddies.

While flying and popping and eating and whacking, movie tickets can be collected to buy Ignatius stylish outfits to wear to the cinema. Strong play earns experience points and achievements, and various power-ups can be unlocked to crank up the face fire.

Popcorn Dragon has that clean, colorful, charming aesthetic we've come to expect from PopCap and will be available for both the iPhone and iPad sometime in November at an as-yet undisclosed price.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Is this from 4th and Battery?

  • drew

    Where is this game? I can't find it in the app store.