It seems like a recent trend on iOS is for developers to band together on projects, putting all of their various resources together to create a better final product. This past July we learned of one such project called Bike Baron, a collaboration between Mountain Sheep, Qwiboo, and music composer Ari Pulkkinen. Bike Baron is a side-scrolling motorcycle stunt game in the vein of the popular Trials games from Redlynx, but ditches the overly-industrial visuals for a more cartoonish look and a heavy dose of humor.

Today, the developers have sent along information regarding pricing and the release date of Bike Baron. You can look forward to the game hitting the App Store on October 20th at a price of just 99¢. They have also sent over a new gameplay video featuring one of the extreme levels in the game, and in this case the word "extreme" seems to mean "really freaking difficult", as you can see for yourself:

I'd like to stress again that this was a demonstration of an extreme level, and you shouldn't expect all of the 40 levels in the game to be lined with explosive barrels, though there should be plenty of danger to be had in the game's normal progression. Also, you'll be able to create levels with as much danger as you'd like using the included level editor. Other features of Bike Baron will include iOS 5 and Universal iPad support, Game Center integration, and enhanced visual effects for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

We'll be looking to get our hands on Bike Baron just as soon as possible, and while you wait for the game to drop on October 20th you can stop by our forums for a discussion of the game.

  • Anonymous

    looks like another clone of trails hd. or the xboxlive one whatever its called, or the countless other side on motorbike games. seems exactly the same even down to the lame controls..... how boring.

    • Anonymous

      if the formula works, why tinker with it? some people actually like trials hd, so having a similar game with them at all times isn't a bad thing.

      haters gonna hate.

      • Anonymous

        hardly hating, just saying right down to the TNT and planks of wood it looks a lot like the other trials games, why so similar. But hey each to their own, if you like it kool for you.:)

  • Syclone0044

    This game looks like a dream come true! Incredible polish and artwork. Judging from the quality of Minigore and Death Rally, this game will be top notch for certain.

  • Jared Nelson

    The contrast of the first 2 comments here is incredible.

    • himanshu

      Takes all kinds to make up the world... wait, wait... got one more aphorism. What's the point of the second comment if it's going to agree with the first. Or something like that...

  • himanshu

    I was waiting for this game. Really enjoy the genre. I am not big into playing player-built levels, but for this game I can picture myself enjoying it. 99c is an incredible price point.

  • Ciaran O'Brien

    It's a motocross game with 3D graphics, just what I wanted! and at 69p/99c it's very cheap as well.
    Not sure about the controls on the video.Perhaps have GO on one side, STOP on the other, and then tilt to tilt the bike. I know it sounds like the controls for every other MX game out there, but it does work.

  • Anonymous

    I want to play it now. I'm so bored.

  • John MylesM

    thats cool but where is rock rider