Sierra On-Line’s edgier point-and-click adventure franchise, Leisure Suit Larry, will live a new life in this fascinating age of revivals and downloadable games. Replay Games, an outfit headed up by an old Sierra employee, has managed to grab the ancient IP and plans to release an HD version of Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards in Q4 2012. This will be followed by several other re-makes and maybe even a new game or two if things pan out.

We wouldn’t be feeding you this information if the games weren’t slated for the iPad and the iPhone, but in case you’re curious, Lounge Lizards HD is also slated for every other platform under the sun, including PC, Mac, XBLA, PSN, Android, On-Live, and Gaikai. Original creator Al Lowe is “working closely” with Replay Games on the re-makes, which should help these games realize their new potential on touch devices and other mediums.

“I’m overjoyed to see Larry released from his digital dungeon after all this time, and be placed in the hands of someone who understands him and wants to see him, brought back to the forefront by people who love him and understand him,” Lowe told EGM exclusively.

Leisure Suit Larry first debuted in 1987, and even though it saw a re-release in 1991, it’s still a crazy old property. Here’s to hoping that the formula that made the games so great back in the day still holds up.

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  • Anonymous

    I have the biggest ****ing smile on my face right now.

  • Flash B. Have

    Can't wait for this... Larry is the first computer game I played, and back in the 90's I was a huge Sierra fan. The new graphics look great, hopefully the style won't be too exaggarated cartoon. Monkey Island I & II remake style would be perfect.

  • Anonymous

    oh. my. god. if space quest (my favorite series ever) gets a remake, i'll buy an ipad just to play it.

  • Michiel Jungmann

    click on adventures don't do it for me.
    when larry was released it was the perfect game.
    as soon as i'm able to type in commands again i will try it. but as long as it's click on it's a complete waste of time.

  • Noah

    I disagree with Michiel. I think moving to a click interface was a natural progression from the old "type and pray" interfaces. I thoroughly enjoyed all the old Sierra adventures... Leisure Suit Larry, King's Quest, Space Quest... and all the other off-shoots like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlanta (probably my favorite game of all-time).

    If the game is done right, this could be a hilarious reboot to a great franchise!

  • Thom Denick

    I'll buy it no matter how crappy or expensive it is.  However, I do think abandoning the old art from the VGA remake of Larry 1 is a mistake.  The original Pixel art is much better than this new vector art crap. I hope they go the monkey island route and let us play with the original art.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet merciful heaven, my year is made by this announcement alone. It can't come soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    Why? Who thought this was a good idea?

  • Kris Bauer

    Im not saying Larry is bad or anything it was alright but honestly now that I'm nit a overly hormonal teen, I find it much less appealing. That begs the real question others have almost brought up. Why are we seeing this before space quest and kings quest? I practically cut my pc gaming teeth as Roger wilco back in the day and have always wondered why you couldn't get any sierra game apps. If this is the only franchise I'm sorely disappointed, however if it's just the beginning I'm very excited

    • Nick Line

      FYI telletale are currently rebooting the KQ series.

      Larry was never about porn/nudity, It's extremely well written and is to be appreciated even more so as an adult. 

      • Paul

        I agree... I've always enjoyed the LSL series most for it's humor, be it somewhat crude and dirty at times. That's why the Monkey Island series is also a standout adventure games series. Most adventure games focus more on the puzzles and story, and forget the most important element for an enjoyable experience...the humor. The last couple of LSL games have been so crappy, and they can seem to recapture the magic that made the first 7 games so entertaining. It's hard to believe that they haven't done this already. It’s what every fan of the LSL series would want. I can’t wait till next year.

  • Anonymous

    You quickly turn around, play Sierra classics on your iOS device, and feel much better. A hint of a smile crosses your lips. 

  • Anonymous

    game was too short, thats about the only complaint i got. But i guess for ios standards thatll fit in nicely. Hope, they dont opt out of the sex scene either, because thats the whole game dammit.

  • E71

    Hell yeah.. I know it's probably too soon but I'm really hoping LSL HD is successful and that it leads to the development of LSL8 Lust in Space...

    Oh, and bring Al Lowe back!