After the madness that was trying to attend both GDC in San Francisco and E3 in Los Angeles back to back, I swore to myself that I'd never attend two conventions in a row every again. Well, that personal pact seems to have lasted all of about four months as this weekend I'll be at IndieCade in Studio City, CA before immediately hopping on a plane and heading on over to GDC Online in Austin, TX. If you're attending either event, or are local to either city and want to meet up, let's do it. I'm just now figuring out my schedule for both events, so let's set something up. Also, if you're hosting a party or dinner at either event, I'd love to be invited.

The best way to get in contact with me is either via email or Google Talk. You can either shoot me an email or add me to your contact lists via this email address that I'm hiding behind a captcha to avoid spam! Google chat is probably the better way to go because we can set everything up instantly, but if you want to email please either include "GDC Online" or "IndieCade" in your email subject for the sake of my email filters.

I look forward to seeing everyone, and hopefully, will be posting a heck of a lot of cool stuff from both events for our readers.