We’ve done a lot of things in zombie games over the last decade and survival has been the key ingredient in 99.9 percent of them. Action Mobile Games’ 2013: Infected Wars isn’t going to set the world on fire with its atypical focus on zombie survival and its same-y premise, but it is a game that we think you should take mental note of. Developed with UDK Mobile, it’s a competent-looking third-person shooter with a great visuals and the promise of carnage, as it boasts a bunch of zombie-chopping weaponry, as well as tons of guns.

In the game, you’ll play as a post-apocalyptic survivor of a zombie virus who moonlights as a mercenary hired to grab supplies amidst a near-complete zombie take-over. At your side will be your trusty guns, as well as a few friends -- 2013 will allow for co-op over the ‘net.

We don’t have a release quite yet, but considering this is alpha footage and all, I wouldn’t expect it to hit within the immediate future. We’ll definitely keep our all-seeing eye turned towards this as it shambles towards release, though, and give you what we can.

  • James Petty

    Thanks for bringing 2013 : Infected Wars to the community, we do apprecaite it!  We hope to show everyone as the game progresses that there is much more depth to the gameplay than the trailer might indicate.  Be on the lookout for character classes, in depth shopping system at the end of each map, and special attack moves from every single infected enemy!


    • Anonymous

      This looks pretty freakin' awesome!! Looking forward to seeing more footage!! 🙂

  • Lee West

    Enviroments and gameplay looks great, I do hope that the player-char is not final. The arms look detached, strange and thin, and for something you have to look at all the time, it would be a real let down to watch that.

    But the intro and production qualities seems really good. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I fully second that. The scenery looks awesome. Something needs to be done about the character animation and lighting effects though.
      Getting excited about this one...

    • Anonymous

      I fully second that. Scenery looks awesome, especially that early shot of the derelict street. Something needs to be done about character animation and lighting effects though. Really doesn't look like our protagonist is actually part of the environment.
      Getting excited about this one though.

    • http://www.actionmobilegames.com James Petty

      Good eye Lee!  You are correct, the player character model is not final.  We are in the process of creating a new one of higher poly/quality.  The reason the environments look so polished is we had to make sure these were fully optimized and done before we understand the graphicaly limitations of the engine on iphone 4 devices.  Now that we do we know better what we can and can't do, so you will start to see things polishing up!

  • Anonymous

    graphics are good but character animation is... meh

  • Anonymous

    I'm hesitant to get too excited after the Dead Strike fiasco. So much promise, a receptive developer, then BAM. Project pulled, bugs left untouched, waste of money.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, not saying this is the same developer. Dead Strike was a third person zombie game with so much potential.

    • http://www.actionmobilegames.com James Petty

      Well 2013 : Infected Wars is definitely going to be released so you don't have to worry about it being pulled.  We have a strong team that is motivated and excited to get our stuff out to the community.

    • Seth Godin

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