We were shot some unexpected, but welcome news from the folks at Double Fine this afternoon. The studio -- which is probably most known for Brutal Legend but let’s not talk about that because ugh -- has launched its first iOS application: the Psychonauts Vault Viewer [Free]. Milestone!

As its name implies, it’s a companion app loaded with every slide from the game’s vault. The added bonus that the app adds is commentary from Double Fine’s Tim Schafer and Scott Campbell. In addition to learning a thing or two about the game, you’ll probably get a few laughs. Also, it’s free and universal.

Here’s a small taste of Tim and Scott in just one of the slides:

TIM: “Now, he’s way up in the air. Is there an artistic term for that? Can you tell?”

SCOTT: “Uh, air-spective.”

TIM: “And what is the dad doing? Is he unapproving? Is he saying, ‘why are you throwing my baby in the air?' "

SCOTT: “He’s probably like, ‘I don’t understand the fun in this.' "

TIM:“And you snuck in a little cleavage, too, which is your way… sneaky.”


In other Psychonauts news, Double Fine has also launched a Steam update for the title, adding in cloud saves and achievements and a small tweak said to make the its brutal Meat Circus level “slightly less punishing.” A Mac version of Psychonauts [$9.99] is also now live on the Mac App Store and Steam. Play this game, people! It's great!

  • SMP

    I'll probably check out this game sooner or later, assuming a version with achievements/trophies is released. Hope its better than Brutal Legend.

  • Amrulez

    Why no iOS version of the game?

  • BrainMasta

    The game is far too large, it is around 3-5g depending on the version.  I had the special addition for pc, it was like 2 or 3 cds i forget.   It is huge, well over 60 hours of game playr or more if you count all the achievements, unlockables, and things to find 😉  Action packed, humorous storyline, everything you could ever want in a game period!  BUY IT ASAP TO SUPPORT PSYCHONAUTS 2!  I can feel it, Tim and Scott are planning something big, this is just the thing to drive the desire for a sequel!  THE GAME BEGS FOR IT at the end you will see.  Anyways do not hesitate, the game was 40 ish bucks when i purchased it, 10 dollars is a steal, specially with the extra comentary and stuff.  I so will be purchasing this as well to see if there are any hidden easter eggs or special maps and such, plus my old cds were destroyed in Katrina =(

  • Mike

    Lol at this topic guys:

    Read all the replies or comments and laugh. Lol at the guy who claims iOS games arent as cative or fun as Nintendo's.

  • Sublimelabs

    >Implying Brutal Legend isn't fun

    • Thaurin

      Exactly, what the hell? Brutal Legend was one of the most original and fun games that year, with one of the best sound tracks ever for a video game. What is wrong with these people!?

  • Rockonrapoff

    Hey asshat Brad, actually Brutal Legends was a great game. Plus it had some good metal music in it which is hell of a lot better then having a game with c.rap or unhiphop in it.

    • Thaurin

      You tell them! Brad probably listens to crap music! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    All the Brutal Legend love in here makes me :3

    Seriously, that comment was totally uncalled for. Brutal Legend was an awesome ****ing game with by far, the best licensed soundtrack in any game till now.

  • Capone

    Isn't Tim Schafer the guy behind Day Of The Tentacle, probably the best game ever made? Maybe I should check out Psychonauts then...

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tomate-Diseño/100001349625888 Tomate Diseño

    Psychonauts comes under the heading "ridiculously ignored and underrated". I picked it up for xbox in a Blockbuster used items bin for a few pennies and it's one of the most fun, immersive and varied games I've ever played - if you have the system and a good few days to spare then it's a total no brainer of a purchase.