A new turn-based iteration of aerial combat game Steambirds [$1.99 / HD] is on the way, and get this: it’s a free-to-play venture headed up by the original crew behind Steambirds, Spry Fox, AND the video game gurus over at Fruit Ninja [$.99 / Lite / HD]creator Halfbrick. Talk about a mash-up.

Phil Larsen, Halfbrick’s potential Hollywood movie star and marketing wizard, calls Survival the “ultimate dog-fighting tactical aerial combat game” and he’s probably right. I mean, what other game manages to fall under that description? This is why he’s a wizard, folks.

We’ve seen preciously little of Survival thus far, but we do know that it’s a turn-based combat joint similar to Spry’s original game in look and vibe. It’ll hit later this October with eight planes and 64 missions at launch with the promise of more to come. We’ll definitely try to get this in our e-office soon and give you the skinny from a hands-on perspective.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Lord-Gek-Jordan/1559737263 Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    I hope it will include missions with randomized elements and a scoreboard!

  • Anonymous

    Looks good, might buy!

  • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

    Obviously huge fans of 'Fleet Foxes' (Seattle band).

  • Anonymous

    I just rewatched. It's free?  blah, will probably be those lame freemium games

    • MrFouSix

      Yeah its no fun when yo have to pay up to one hundred dollars to unlock everything in a game

  • Padicakes

    It's already playable in browser... and it's awesome. I was seriously hoping it would come to iPod Touch so this is good news (I will play it while I poop). The original Steambirds is fun but it's far more puzzle than strategy game, ie. if you want all stars there's really only one way to accomplish it like in Cut the Rope or what have you- Survival features more emergent tactical situations so it's almost more like a dogfighting Roguelike. Not talking down strict puzzle games for those who like them but this just makes my brain light up more.