As if simply touching a screen with your finger and interacting with an iPad game wasn’t magical enough, Disney Mobile is taking things to the next level with a special toy and game tie-in for Cars 2. All Things D recently got a glimpse at the first “Disney Appmate,” this specific one being a weird experiential racing game that requires Cars 2 toys. Basically, you turn on the game, put a toy Cars car on the surface of the iPad, and then you push it around and explore the virtual top-down world that Disney Mobile has developed alongside the corporeal item.

The meatspace-slash-cyberspace tie-in isn’t a new concept by any means, but it’s interesting to see a new product utilizing the iPad’s touchpad enter the realm. Also, this is definitely the mother of all free-to-play experiments so far. The game part will be free and packaged in with a $20 blister of two interactive Cars 2 toys. The toys and the app are slated to hit retailers and iTunes respectively next month.

Kids love the gadget and word on the street is that they also love toys, so on a conceptual level this all sounds like a promising venture. We can’t really envision a world in which this actually takes off, but hey, who saw that electricity thing coming? You? Nope.

[Via All Things D, 9 to 5 Mac]


    My son will freak out with joy about this. 

  • Mike

    I think that's awesome. I think kids will love it, if they have an iPad handy.

  • Sanuku

    I am already waiting for the first few Once that will sue Disney because their iDevices got some nice Scratches because of those "Toys".

    • Marshall Pope

      depends on the under surface of the "cars", my guess is its the spongy stuff like they have on stylus tips.  I can't imagine Disney not doing some product testing first.

  • Fredrik Jackson

    Is that some trolling? If not, it looks awesome. New and cool. I've Never seen anything like it!

  • Rockonrapoff

    @Sanuku, agreed.  Not everybody spends $300 on a device so the screen could be scratched up.

  • Marshall Pope

    That is really cool...I assume it has a surface on the bottom of the cars similar to the spongy stuff on iPad styluses.  I can see this being a great thing for parents to give their kids when taking trips or waiting at the doctors office, etc.

  • Cilo

    Wow, I so wish I was a kid in this generation . . .

  • Frank Martinez Jr

    Kids these days, and their iPads and fancy toy cars... (do want)

  • theRPGNOOB

    Oh boy another shit movie game, Its not like the app store is flooded with them! 

    • nomstar

      Yes, because you're obviously the target demographic for this game. Troll harder.

    • Anonymous

      The complainer strikes again. Don't worry, there's plenty of games involving mutilation to go 'round.  

      • theRPGNOOB

        Do you think that Im complaining that its a movie based. don't these people know that these don't sell at all! And if they do why do they keep on making them.

  • Matt Rooney

    To the people worried about scratches: Everyone else is probably right about the contacts being spongy. Unlike resistive screens, capacitive screens work best with a fairly large contact point, because pressure isn't how detection is done. The best way to get a good solid contact is to use a spongy or at least soft tip, so the contact point "spreads" and maximizes its contact area, kinda the way the softness of a rubber stamp helps make a more even mark when pressed. I wouldn't worry.

    What I WOULD do is give Disney props for tinkering with capacitive UI paradigms and coming up with something new and unexpected, and then having the balls to bring it to market.

    • Bobby

      It's not the toys that are made for it that I'm worried about. 

      Unfortunately its hard to get a 4 year old boy (who frequently borrows my iPad) to understand that playing with this spongy bottomed Lightning McQueen on dad's iPad is okay, but driving your die cast Lightning McQueen on it is not. I would really, REALLY like to get this for him because I think he'd love it. I am just worried that it will encourage behavior I'd rather him not learn. So even though I'm in the target demographic (or my kid is) - I'm still going to have to pass. 

      It is an awesome idea though. Maybe if he were older it'd work. (Of course if he were older he probably wouldn't care.) 

  • Anonymous

     wouldn't you get a scratch on your iPad? 😐

  • Duke Ritenhouse

    "We can’t really envision a world in which this actually takes off ..."
    Jesus wept -- really? In what reality will this **not** be a raging success, especially with the Disney marketing machine behind it?

    • Eli Hodapp

      A reality where people with a $500 device might not be too keen on handing it over to their kids to ferociously drag toys across the screen.

  • Vonnex Seo111

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  • Anonymous

    "utilizing the iPad’s touchpad"… is that an accessory? 😛

  • buy mobile phones

    wow that will be beautiful , this is real gaming 🙂 i will love to buy i pad now

  • Anonymous

    I got the cars yesterday, but there is no app yet.  I would suggest using these without a screen protector.  The contact points do look to be plastic coated, any debris on them will likely scratch the surface.