There are two things I want in life: (a) more content in 11 Bit Studio’s Anomaly: Warzone Earth [$1.99 / HD] and (b) a working Space Marine chain-sword that doubles as a potato peeler. I’ll never get the latter, but the chances on the former seem great right now. 11 Bit just wrapped up an interview with relative game Web site newcomers Split Kick and confirmed that one more Squad Assault level is coming to the App Store version of the reverse tower defense game in a fresh update. Even better, more content is being planned alongside a possible sequel.

Talk about a treasure trove of information, right? Here’s 11 Bit’s Pawel Miechowski’s relevant newsy-news words:

Currently an update is on the way to Anomaly WE on App Store. Apart from the several fixes, it’ll deliver a new Squad Assault mode and it is placed in Baghdad setting too. Additional downloadable content for iOS version is in the works and it’ll introduce some new improvements to the concept and some new locations, although that levels are desert-based too. Much of the “processing capacity” is used for the development of other versions that I mentioned, so we do not have enough powers to produce extra content for PC/Mac version now. However, we’ll do in the future. We’re also planning content for the possible sequel and there are brand new ideas and brand new locations considered.

On the studio's blog last week, 11 Bit added that this update, in addition to bug fixes, will also make the HD version Universal. This means that if you held out on iPhone version, you'll get it for free with a download of the iPad one.

Actually, let’s add a third thing to that list. As great as the first game is and as powerful as the prospect of downloadable content for it is, I’d like to go ahead say that I want a new Anomaly game with new locations, new missions, new powers, and new mechanics, too please. Thanks, guys!

[Via Split Kick]

  • UmbraVir

    So it's coming as an IAP?

  • Jigglybits

    I hope they introduce community-built maps. It's a great way to keep the game current and you never know what the public can surprise you with!

  • Spazzing

    I found this game boring, it's more like a speed reaction test than a game with any kind of strategy.

    • Ryeley Kuykendall

      Well if you played the game at a harder difficulty, you know, other than "Easy" you would find that it required strategy. Hell, level 5 gave a lot of people some difficulty.

  • ~Braddles~

    Struggling with lvl 10. Seems like the difficulty ramped up quick. I even went down to 'casual'. Looking forward to the new content. This is a great game!

  • Shamu

    Yeah boring game really I have to agree. Looks Ok but very boring. I deleted it after a few days. But hey each to their own.:)