Hey, cool! Square Enix is preparing an iOS and an Android port of Final Fantasy Legends: Hikari to Yami no Senshi for release in 2012. From all accounts, Legends is a very traditional RPG in the Final Fantasy vein, but it’s also a special one since it’s episodic. Legends first graced Japanese mobile phones back in 2010 as an exclusive, similar to how Final Fantasy IV: The After Years was treated before it was re-released on Nintendo’s WiiWare and then later re-combined as a compilation on the PSP.

So, what do we know about this particular version? Not much as usual, and that’s the running problem with TGS coverage in general -- this stuff is coming out fast and dirty and we don’t have any native Japanese speakers on staff (we'll update this story if we discover anything is funny). We do, however, have these two images from the Square Enix event where the port was announced. It looks pretty!

Anywho, for you FF freaks out there, rest assured that this particular title borrows a lot from its elders -- Active Time Battle, the ever-popular Job System, and all the usual tropes are in this thing. In English, Legend’s subtitle translates to something like “Warriors of Light and Darkness,” which should give you an indication of what to expect from its story: two small group of youths from the light and dark-side respectively come together to fight and save the world.

As soon as we get more information we’ll update this story.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully we'll get a iPad version. Still waiting for tactics on the iPad.

    • Murderin Murphy

      Ha... Good one!

    • Shamu

      yeah, same i thought it was supposed to be released the end of last month?

  • Metrodragon

    Another Final Fantasy Game? 🙁
    And I'm still waiting for the ios release of Chrono Trigger...haven't heard anything about it the whole year.
    Despite the huge FF fanbase I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people like me who would love to play it on their iPod/iPhone.

    • Az_nocturn

      Chrono Trigger for iOS and Android was announced along with Chaos Rings 2.

      • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson


  • Rea76

    Give me FF 7---Please--pretty please

    • http://twitter.com/Projectwolfie Chris Overbee

      FFIX first.  It must be done.

      • Haseo445

         7 first, then 8. then 9. 9 isn't as famous as others make it out to be.

      • asianskunk5

        Fame != better game. IX isn't very famous at all and if people claim it to be, they're kidding themselves. IX is one of the most underrated in the series next to V. I've played both IX and VII and I can tell you that VII was the better overall experience but IX was absolutely fantastic in its own right. If VII was a 9, IX would be an 8-8.5. What's a 10, you ask? FFX and Chrono Trigger. 'Nuff said.

  • Anon

    *Gets delayed till 2015*

  • Anonymous

    Are we still getting excited for Square Enix ports?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Will-Buckingham/518019273 Will Buckingham

      Nope.  I think they're trolling at this point.  Wake me up with 4, 6, or Chrono Trigger are available.

      • theRPGNOOB

         How did you know we were trolling? lol Square Enix said that Chrono Trigger would be coming to IOS in 2009. We have not heard of it since.

      • NOPE

        Chrono trigger for ios was a mistranslation. It got released on some crappy jp phone which I seriously hope they stop putting releases on.

      • theRPGNOOB

        For real? Well that sucks dick.

      • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

        Yeah.. Just think, Square released it for some POS Japanese feature phone rather than iOS, which has ... ooooh.. 250 million install base?

        Remember when Japan used to be good at math?

      • Anonymous

        I thought FF 4 would be a no brainer considering they've already ported the DS version of FF 3.

      • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

        It is a no-brainer... but then again, so was retina display graphics on FFT:WoL.

  • CaptainAwesome

    I bet my life savings that it won't have Retina-display support. My life-effin'-savings.

  • HitchHikingFlatlander

    I'd love to see a Chrono Trigger port........ I know its off topic and its been ported a million times but that would be great on an Iphone or Ipad.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Chrono Trigger is one of the best games Square ever made. I bought the DS version and played through it again a couple years ago.

  • Anonymous

    I though Final Fantasy legends was a Gameboy game?! I could handle Final Fantasy Adventure, that was a pretty good game as well! Anyone remember?

    • Anonymous

      The Gameboy game was The Final Fantasy Legend, without the 's' on the end. Legends is the more recent mobile game from last year.

    • Anonymous

      All the FF games for Game Boy were great. There were three FF: Legend games (traditional RPG style). FF: Adventure was actually more like Seiken Densetsu (action RPG…later spun off as the Secret of Mana / Secret of Evermore series), even though it took on the Final Fantasy name.

  • http://grahamtastic.com Graham Hall

    I'm sold!

  • http://grahamtastic.com Graham Hall

    I'm sold!

  • Guest

    Doesn't this seem like a downgrade after releasing Final Fantasy III?

    • Guest

      Actually, a lot of fans wanted the III release on iOS to be a 2D version of that game. The 3D one has some limitations that actually made it have worse gameplay compared to the original version on NES.

  • The Truth

    awesome, a remake of a game not everyone has played already!

    • The Truth

      oh wait this isn't a remake of final fantasy legend aka SaGa for the gameboy. forget i said anything.

  • Anonymous

    Sooo…this *isn't* a remake of the Final Fantasy Legend series from the Game Boy games of the same name?


    In any case, it would be nice to see a refresh of the actual FF: Legend series. Those were great games.

  • Anon

    Man, I forgot all about the Chrono Trigger Port. Now I'm dissappointed again. The FF Legends for GBA were awesome.

  • Anon

    BTW, Asphalt 6 is Free.

  • Mike
  • http://www.facebook.com/heronymo Heronymo Allen

    I hope they'll release Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy 4-6 soon.

  • kakitamike

    I used to get excited about these announcements from square, but lately i just wonder how bad the port is going to be.

    • theRPGNOOB

      yea, the FF:tactics war of the Lions port was a bug filled pile of shit. Which is shame considering the PS1 version was so good. 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/SJWU5BQ7F62EWG74MLYQT3E3UE JacobP

        FF Tactics plays great after the recent updates.

  • http://twitter.com/AltX010 Jase Wayne

    yes! instant buy!

  • Stevenmilligan

    Is that guy shooting a fire snake out of his ass? Because I think I'm in love.

  • yanhua wu
  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SJWU5BQ7F62EWG74MLYQT3E3UE JacobP

    FF Tactics plays great on my iPad 2, after the updates granted.