Earlier this summer, Limbic Software did what I thought couldn’t be done: it created a zombie game with a unique mechanic in its inaugural Zombie Gunship [$.99] [Universal]. Since release, the developer has yet to take its foot off the pedal -- it has dropped two updates since July, the latest of which is pretty newsworthy.

Version 1.2 introduces brand new audio commentary to the game, a noteworthy improvement since it mixes up the bland and once-super repetitive speech. It has also dropped in a new inverted controls setting, bug fixes, and a headline-worthy in-game “upgrade” that doubles the amount of friendly fire casualties you can have in a single round. Brad Nicholson doesn’t play when he’s in an AC-130, so people -- undead or not -- tend to die in droves. No doubt, this will extend his playtime by minutes, if not hours.

We reviewed Zombie Gunship when it hit and, yeah, we dug it quite a bit. If you still haven’t given it a try, check out that write-up and see what you think about it after the fact. It’s definitely worth your time.

  • Person

    i enjoy your reviews but i really don't think this game is that fun. it got old for me really quick.

    • [Limbic] Iman

      We have a lot more cool updates planned, so stay tuned! 😉

    • Anonymous

      It hasn't lost any shine for me. I can't get enough.

  • http://players.openfeint.com OFErOne (Erwin Ocampo)

    I actually love it and continue to love it.....a cool spin off a horde mode (@limbicsoftware:twitter )

  • Guest

    The game gets repetitive fast. It needs new maps or different game modes badly.

  • Anonymous

    This is one of my absolute favorite iOS games and I think Limbic should be praised for getting the mixture of difficulty, fun and replayability almost exactly right.

    I'm not massively bothered about new maps but it would be cool to be rewarded for carrying out a well timed shot (taking out 15+ zombies) with a unique bonus weapon of some kind. How about a swathe of zombie-seeking missiles or an a-bomb obliterating everything on screen? 

  • Kristen

    I love this game. The addition of being able to kill more civilians was BADLY needed. Unfortunately, they've implemented it badly. It costs 15,000 in-game dollars to be able to kill 3 more civilians PER GAME. That means, to make it worth while, you need to make enough kills/rescues to earn 15,001+ more than you usually would per game.

  • Jake

    This game continues to entertain, still holds a grip and the recent changes seem to only hint at the potential that lies ahead. There are enough challenges in the game as-is to keep it addictive but the idea of new maps, weapons, technologies, zombies, comments to keep that fan base strong and growing? Would I pay for upgrades? Absolutely. Would I rather earn them? Of course! This is a brilliant effort and you've only just started. Best of luck.

  • yanhua wu

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