Need help finding your way around Dead Island? There’s an official app for that. The new FPS zombie action game from the developers of Call of Juarez, Techland, is launching at brick and mortar this morning alongside a novel App Store companion app that’ll help you navigate the game’s sprawling and complex open world. The Universal, $2.99 app is the result of a group effort between BradyGames and game publisher Deep Silver.

In addition to providing basic navigation support, the Official Dead Island Map App [$2.99] also shows off locations to all the hidden items in the game, as well as allows you to keep track of what you’ve collected. For whatever reason, it also boasts music from the game.

The thing it’s missing is true connectivity -- the app and your saved game don’t talk to each other, which leaves all the record-keeping up to you. Still, this is a really cool idea and I hope more publishers invest in these kinds of companion pieces moving forward. I mean, imagine having apps that keep micro-game elements in your pocket, or keep track of multiplayer stats, or you know, even allow you to plan out your next in-game visitation. There are tons of viable possibilities.

  • Awesome

    Pressure on word "offical"

  • Anonymous

    138MB is pretty big for maps lol. I guess its got a lot of that in-game music?

  • theRPGNOOB

    Gee I sure wish Techland makes dead island for IOS *hint*hint*

  • cartoon network games

    Deep Silver has turned to the iPhone to sell a mobile tool that works
    in conjunction with the firm’s upcoming action horror game Dead Island.
    Dead Island app allows customers to track their progress in the retail
    version of the game, as well as locate collectibles and track mission
    It is one of the first times a triple-A publisher has considered smartphones as an accessory device for a console game.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Blizzard already sort of does this for World of Warcraft with the Mobile Armory. You can access the Auction House, chat with your guild and friends, modify the calendar (if you have access), and naturally view all your characters and details. You also have access to the database (for item, location, NPC, etc searches).

    They plan on doing something like this for Diablo 3 as well.

    • MrFouSix

      Thats good more games are catching on in the potential of this concept

  • Carrmegeddon

    I'm all for iOS integration with console games.  I'm a big fan of Rock Band, and have a novel idea for how Harmonix could re-invigorate the rhythm game genre.

    Harmonix should develop and release a Music Library app for smartphones and tablets, and they should make that app free.

    You should be able to link this app to your XBL or Playstation Store
    profile. Based on our individual purchase histories and export codes
    info, there must already be a comprehensive electronic lists of each of
    our Music Libraries already out there. Unless you’ve created a song
    list and printed it out, half the time all anyone at a Rock Band
    party hears–or a party-party, where Rock Band is being played–is the
    thunk-thunk-thunk of people navigating the menus as they pick a song.
    Having the ability to peruse a dynamically updated song list on an
    iPhone or an iPad while people were playing the game would not only cut
    down on that, people wouldn’t feel like they were in a rush to pick a
    song, and they would have an opportunity to get excited about singing a
    particular song. It could be passed around to get those that aren’t
    currently playing interested in joining in.

    Here’s where it would be a boon for Harmonix–if there was also a
    means of using it to see what other songs are available to purchase as
    DLC, and integrate it so that you can download DLC to your console
    directly from the app. This should also be sortable, and searchable, by
    artist, song name, or difficulty. Some drunk person at a party finds a
    song they want to sing, throws two bucks the host’s way, and downloads
    it. The song gets automatically downloaded in the background from the
    Music Store.

    Or, since the app is free, everyone at the party can download it,
    sign in as a ‘guest’ to your profile, and have the opportunity to input
    their own credit card info to ‘gift’ a song as DLC.

    There’s crazy drunken impulse buy money to be made here that Harmonix
    should be streamlining. (after a few, you tend to get pretty nonchalant
    about spending six bucks on a beer, or a few bucks on the jukebox, and I
    imagine this could be no different) This way more people at a party
    besides those currently playing become involved with the game, and
    there’s a lot less of the annoying endless thunk-thunk-thunk that turns
    off the non-converted, and who knows, maybe as the music library grows
    ‘Rock Band’ becomes a not-uncommon music source for all parties, not
    just ‘Rock Band Parties’.

  • Anonymous

    As stated before. This kind of integration is perfect along as it reflects your in game progress. And for the future: Imagine putting the ipad on the table and getting real time info from your game. It's quite possible if they putt the effort into it.

  • Outgate

    what? money? are you MaD?

  • yanhua wu


    Supra Skytop

  • Seth Mcneese

    does it show where all the weapon mods are