Neat! id Software’s parent company, ZeniMax Media, just won an important appeal for the Doom franchise in Germany. According to an official post on the Bethesda blog, Doom and Doom II have been de-listed by the Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons following some smart court action. This will undoubtedly pave the way for unedited versions of the PC games to hit the country and, hey, presumably even an App Store release or two if things swing our way.

For you score keepers out there, id Software has released three games in the franchise on the US App Store so far: Doom Classic [$6.99], Doom II RPG [$4.99], and Doom: Resurrection [$6.99].

The two older games now are 16+ games which means, essentially, that they can actually be sold without substantial edits. Before, the original titles obviously couldn’t without restrictions. Anecdotally, this rating change comes on the heels of Epic Games' Gears of War 3 grabbing an 18+ rating -- a first for a monstrously violent and bloody franchise classically indexed by the ratings board.

Other id titles like Quake and Wolfenstein remain too naughty for the time being, though I’d imagine appeals are either coming or in the works already considering this victory. Wolfenstein un-edited might present the greater problems of the two for a couple of obvious reasons.

So, what’s next? The Bethesda blow says the studio is working to “make both Dooms available widely” in Germany, which makes us think we’ll see more than one version of the titles will hit. Unfortunately, we're not aware of its plans.

[Via Gamasutra]

  • Fred Noname

    "'Doom' And 'Doom II' De-Listed In Germany"
    "Doom and Doom II have been de-listed by the Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons following some smart court action"

    I read this again and again and didn't understand why being delisted from the App Store is good news, but finally went to Gamasutra to understand it's been delisted from the censorship list 🙂

  • Mike

    DOOM is good for everyone!!

  • drelbs


    Now can we get multiplayer re-added to Doom Classic?

  • Bremen Cole

    I have been plaing Doom since 1993, and I still enjoy it. I just find the simple, yet challenging gameplay to be timeless. And as amazing as it sounds, I still from time to time find something I never saw before. Even though I have played through them dozens of times over the years. For me most modern FPS are too graphics and story driven.... but many are still cool....

    • Thaurin

      How do you like Painkiller? It was refreshingly old-school!

  • Ben

    Still such a great game. Will they ever release the original Doom II levels, though? Really not interested in the RPG.

  • simgingpenguin

    never played doom 1 nor doom 2, since i live in germany 😛 but they were delisted because the publisher of the games wanted them to be reviewed and rerated again.
    they said the games were delisted due to new developments which make the game unrealistic. so i dont know why wolfenstein shouldnt be delisted without changes? its the same graphics, right?
    (never played that one either)

    • Chris

      I'm German as well but I'm astonished you didn't know that "Hakenkreuze" and all other nazi-symols are absolutely forbidden in German Gameversions. Therefore, Wolfenstein will never come out in Germany, well at least not uncut

      • simgingpenguin

        oh. true that. i said i never played
        it, guess i aint know shit 😛

      • Fritz

        Because nothing solves the problem of a checkered past like sweeping it under the rug, AMIRITE GUYZ?

        lolGermany, world's biggest exporter of schiesse porn, being unable to handle the truth.

      • Hanerlend

        It has nothing to do with sweeping anything under a rug. Swastica is illegal in Germany because they don't want new nazis there. It's a black and white rule, so even in a game like this it gets banned.

      • namo

        That is a very thoughtlessly answer my world-citizen-friend.
        Inhuman and misanthropic ideologies need to be banned.
        It is always some sort of victory to nazi-brains, if they see their symbols somewhere.
        Even if it's just a game.
        It is like writing on the rug: we don't like nazis! think it's pretty cool.

  • Asd

    So maybe now they can devote a staff member's TEN FREAKING MINUTES to port Doom II to iOS? Seriously wtf do they hate money?

  • DTAus

    Yeah, because the world needs more blood and gore... money again wins out over decency. 🙁

  • guest

    Ah,the joys of nanny state Socialism...

  • Th3R3n3gad3

    I wonder how people in Germany are going to play it, dosbox or something?