At a San Francisco preview event yesterday, Sega announced that they would be bringing their classic fishing franchise Sega Bass Fishing to iOS this Fall. Sega Bass Fishing originally launched in arcades back in 1998, but most people will likely remember it from its days as a Dreamcast launch title complete with wacky fishing rod-shaped controller. Since then, it’s been rereleased in various forms over the years, and – perhaps most appropriately – as a Wii title using the motion controlled Wiimote.

The iOS version will be based on the 2009 arcade game Sega Bass Fishing Challenge, which was an updated version of the original, hence the “Challenge” in the title. The game is still at an incredibly early state, though it’s looking really nice so far. As with most fishing games, you’ll be able to cruise around the waters in your boat in various worldly locations, cast your line, and hope to entice a huge fish to take a bite. You control your boat from a third-person perspective, but once your line has been cast, things switch to an underwater view.

Here is where you can get up close and personal with your future prize catch while you orchestrate a careful balance of reeling the bugger in without snapping your line or letting him off the hook. The underwater view really showcases the impressive visuals in Sega Bass Fishing Challenge, with detailed fish models that swim, wriggle, and fight you in a very realistic manner.

The build we were shown today worked well with onscreen virtual controls, but the final release version of Sega Bass Fishing Challenge will incorporate the motion control capabilities of iOS devices, similar to using the fishing rod controller of the Dreamcast original. These motion controls weren’t implemented just yet, but I’d imagine they’ll work equally as well as other iOS titles that have utilized them like Flick Fishing [99¢/Free] or Fishing Kings [$4.99/Free], and add another level of immersion to your virtual fishing endeavors.

Sega Bass Fishing Challenge is vaguely set for release sometime this Fall, and we expect to have more information on the title in the coming weeks. Based on what I’ve seen so far, if your were a fan of the original, or just a fan of fishing games in general, you should be in for a treat when the game hits the App Store later this year.

  • Ryeley Kuykendall

    Holy Smokes Batman...I played the heck out of this on the dreamcast. Even had the fishing rod controller. Consider me very very excited.

  • Nightshift Nurse

    I've never felt excited about this game or Sega's subsequent rereleases of it.

    But I'd at least feel appeased if they announced this in conjunction with word that ports of Space Channel 5 and Jet Grind Radio were coming to iOS or Shenmue 1 and 2 were arriving anywhere.

    • Jared Nelson

      Lol what a strange comment.

      • bigrand1

        Yeah, some people can't resist commenting completely off-topic.

      • Nightshift Nurse

        How is it remotely off topic to say, "I'm not interested in Sega game 'X', but I'd like to see Sega game 'Y'''?

  • shamwu

    this will be crap without the fishing rod controller surely. the whole idea of the game was to balance the reel and line strength/power etc with the fishing rod controler it was fun... cant see how this can be an good on a touchscreen..just like all the other fishing game apps....rubbish. 

    • Jared Nelson

      I think it would be cool if they could figure out a way to play on the iPad while using an iPhone as the fishing rod.

  • OFErOne (Erwin Ocampo)

    This was like the best game EVAR on the Dreamcast!  @Sega:twitter 

    But the reel was definitely necessary for the best experience....not sure if I'll have the same excitement reeling fish in.... *looks for old copy & Dreamcast & fishing reel controller*

    But maybe I'll try those other titles to see how they do it there.

  • bigrand1

    Loved it then, and can't wait to get my hands on it now for this device! Must-buy for me! 

  • The Truth

    looks like carp

    • Anonymous

      carp? :O

  • Anonymous

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