Just over a month ago, we checked out some screenshots for the upcoming fixed-turret battling game Siegecraft from Crescent Moon Games and Blowfish Studios. The goal here is to control the siege team for one of several different races and wreak havoc on your opponents using all manner of catapults, crossbows, battering rams, and more. As you do well in the game, you’ll earn cash that will let you purchase upgrades for your various weaponry.

Siegecraft was looking pretty darn good in still shots, and today Crescent Moon has offered up the first trailer for the game, showcasing what it looks like in motion. Spoiler alert – it’s looking pretty awesome so far:

Siegecraft is boasting some impressive bullet points for “the back of its box”, including 6 different campaigns over 27 unique levels, universal iPad support and specific enhancements for the iPad 2, and a same-device multiplayer mode exclusive to the iPad. Things seem to be shaping up well for Siegecraft, and if all goes according to plan the game should drop sometime in early October as a Universal app, so keep your eyes peeled for new information both here and in our forums leading up to release.

  • Anonymous

    Water looks nice...

  • Dollor

    This does seem nice - and I'm usually not a fan of tower defence type of games.

  • Nightshift Nurse

    This along with Topia, Machinarium, Shadowgun and Modern Combat 3 comprise my list of iOS "must gets" for the Fall.

    Now if only The Dark Meadow and March of Heroes would drop...

  • Adams Immersive

    Tower defense and castle defense are not the same thing! (But I’m a fan of defense games in general.)

  • Forensic Joe

    I'd prefer if ios games stopped including 'craft', 'angry' or 'doodle' in their names

    • subdivide

      Siegecraft = the science or craft of laying or carrying out sieges...

      • UmbraVir

        minecraft = the science of craft of laying or carrying out blocks

        I'm just kidding, but the name sounds more like a coincidence than a bandwagoning name.

  • UmbraVir

    As a defense game, it desperately needs endless mode as it would add so much replay value.

    • http://www.blowfishstudios.com Ben_BlowfishStudios

      It just so happens one of the campaigns is devoted to a few endless levels 😉