Both Vlambeer and Halfbot have been teasing up a storm on Twitter about their upcoming iOS title, leaving those of us who are both Vlambeer and Halfbot fans anxiously awaiting what could be coming. Well, the curtain has been pulled away today to reveal Super Crate Box, a totally free Mac and PC game coming to the App Store. It'll even support the iCade.

Check out the trailer:

If this is the first time you've heard of Super Crate Box, seriously, give it a download for your computer. The game itself has won tons of awards, and basically swept the free game category last year along with getting nominated for Excellence in Design in the Independent Games Festival. Pricing has yet to be announced, but if all goes as planned, Super Crate Box will be available sometime next month.

  • poutini

    😀 I freaking LOVE THIS GAME!!!

  • Anonymous

    YEESS, I've been hoping so much for this!

  • Anonymous

    Jeez, that game takes pinpoint response. I wonder how well it'll translate. Maybe it will ONLY work with the iCade.

    • UmbraVir

      You never know. They might implement the jump into the d-pad making it work.

  • meatball783

    Knowing Vlambeer's unfortunate past history, they're probably going to get ripped off again. Just wait for Super Ninja Box!

  • Anonymous

    Oh. YES! That's brilliant. I discovered this game randomly a little bit back, and was thinking how it needed to be on iPad. Good day, today.

  • Jumpman475

    Nice, glad this is coming to iOS.  Anyway, just a heads up if you guys like this game then you will probably enjoy Muffin Knight.  It's coming September 1st

    • Mark Johns

      Because Muffin Knight is a clone of Super Crate Box, right? Let me guess, you copied the mechanics except instead of crates, it's muffins.

      • Excelsior

        Geez, are all Vlambeer fans always this fanatical? Nobody knows how Muffin Knight really plays, so give it a chance.

    • Farbs

      Wow, really? You're not only cloning the game but also trying to mooch off their press? Poor form.

      • Guest

        You guys do realize that he is not the creator of Muffin Knight, right? He's a beta tester. And Muffin Knight isn't some rip-off indie game made by one person; it's a highly polished title made by Angry Mob Games, the creators of Guerilla Bob. I'm sure that there's going to be plenty of original content, even though I'm not a beta tester.

  • Guest


  • Scamper Robinson

    I must be doing something wrong. I played the Mac version, and the experience was terrible. The average game lasts about 3-5 seconds, as you’re immediately flooded with baddies in a very confined space. (I played for at least 10 minutes, thinking that I might be missing something, or that I’d somehow get better. No such luck. Even Canabalt has more.)

    Er… looks awesome though! (See, always say something positive.)

  • MJFox

    this game BEGS for iCade-support... I hope the begs will be heard

    • Halfbot

      We are fully planning to support iCade:) iCade needs more games and we feel Super Crate Box will be a perfect fit. 

  • Mister Ed

    Is this cave story for iOS!

  • TommyVF

    I love the music and the graphics. The sounds are also superb. The gameplay rocks and it's fun to become better at the game. AND it's a great concept with a cool twist. Awesome to have this in my pocket!

  • BrainMasta

    Please bring multiplayer! being able to dual 3-4 people at once would be sick!  Every bit of this game seems to be made for multiplayer, would love to duke it out with the best ;), all out battles would be crazy if the levels were expanded, please consider this, thanks.  Also some exclusive content for ios would be nice like new weapons and such!

  • NeoShai

    I play this all the time on my computer; it's great.