Com2uS is certainly no stranger when it comes to minigame compilations. We recently covered Puzzle Family [$0.99 / Lite], a collection of minigames all focused around the puzzle genre. While we definitely enjoyed the adventure, we did have some reservations about the amount of playtime needed in order to unlock all the games (without resorting to IAP).

MiniGame Paradise [$0.99], Com2Us’s latest minigame compilation to hit the App Store, looks to continue the tradition of wacky fun-filled Korean minigames. While it certainly succeeds at creating a collection of games that are just as much fun if not more so than its previous title, the dreaded star currency makes a return. Make no mistake, the star currency is a bit more forgiving this time around, but that still means that you may not have as much fun with MiniGame Paradise out the gate as you would like.

Unlike Puzzle Family, the games in MiniGame Paradise are all action/arcade oriented, meaning the focus is less on thought stimulation and more on twitch controls and fast reflexes. Come2Us has done a good job of simplifying the controls for each game down to a single tap, which definitely make all the games extremely accessible to all sorts of gamers. However, don’t let the simple controls fool you, there’s enough variety and challenge to keep you occupied. The entire game is wrapped around the colorful ultra-cute motif that was present in Puzzle Family, so if that sort of art style turns you off, you may have to look elsewhere for your minigame fix.

In addition to the games, MiniGame Paradise also has a robust selection of ridiculously cute characters that you can collect and use to play the games. Interestingly enough, each character has different stats which affect how well they play certain games. Also, players can augment the stats for individual characters by either equipping items on them or by purchasing ‘equipment’ that the characters can use during the day, which slowly increases their stats. In some ways, this portion of MiniGame Paradise definitely has a Tamogatchi vibe going for it, and it certainly increases the overall replayability. It’s nice to see an overarching system tie in the games and characters. It just feels more like you’re playing in an actual world rather than a simple collection of minigames. MiniGame Paradise also utilizes Com2Us’s social gaming network which has full leaderboard support across all games.

MiniGame Paradise features a total of ten games ranging from simple endless path runners to a sidescrolling beat’em up complete with bosses, an experience/leveling system and various upgradeable weapons (no joke). Needless to say some of the minigames are deceptively comprehensive and could almost be considered full games on their own with a few tweaks. At the onset, you only have two of the simplest games unlocked with enough stars to unlock at third one.  Once you get some stars, I’d recommend that you unlock both ‘Smack a Whack’ (Beat’em up) and ‘Spatter Scatter’ (Vertical scrolling shooter) as those were by far the most enjoyable of the games (and their star-earning capabilities weren’t bad either). Thankfully, Com2Us offers several ways (join their social gaming network and like them on Facebook) to earn nearly enough stars to unlock three more without even playing a single game. Still, the last few games are going to take some time to fully unlock (unless you spring for the IAP, of course).

Star currency aside, MiniGame Paradise is simply a well done collection of action based minigames. The wearable items and character development features make this more than a simple collection, and the games are just fun. Even though you’re still going to have to work in order to unlock all the games, Com2Us has done a better job giving gamers the opportunity play most of the games at the onset. If you’re looking for some simple twitch gameplay, and you’re not turned off by super cute characters and art style, I suggest you check out MiniGame Paradise.

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  • Madison Fotografie

    I wish they would make this, and Puzzle Family, for iPad (HD) or Universal.

  • Laini798

    So I'm guessing if you complete a mission the "item", or "character" is what you get for accomplishing the mission. Well, how do you get them? I have unlocked a bunch of missions and a ton with characters as the prize. But it still says I only have 1 character or no items. Why is this? Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    • ABc

      Go to missions under info and dbl tap the books

  • Jemma

    How do you wear the items you recieve?

    • Tam Jutschy

      I figured it out: in home screen click on the second logo then click on the first entry (should say pets or figures). If you select a pet there it will also show "items" and there you're able to put them on.

  • yanhua wu


    Nike Sko

  • markus peg

    I cant do the mission "get over 3000 points with "seed in a sunflower" even tho i have done it lots of times on different levels ranging from 3000-20,000 points but it still wont say i have done the mission.

MiniGame Paradise Reviewed by Eric Ford on . Rating: 4