If you don’t mind soiling your hands by participating in a marketing scheme, you could win a chance to play Spy Mouse before the rest of the world does. Firemint and EA have kicked off a ‘contest’ for the long-awaited title, offering copies of Spy Mouse, Dead Space [$6.99 / HD], Real Racing 2 [$4.99 / HD], and The Sims 3 [$.99] as door prizes for discovering the answers to clues posted to this page once a day until August 26.

If you answer the clue correctly, you’ll be entered into a pool to win any of those games. If you so choose to tweet the fact that you’ve solved the clue on the appropriate page, you’ll apparently “double” your chance of winning. Also, for every 100 Facebook “Likes” the game’s page drums up, another winner will be picked for that day. The competition page is located here, while the clue page is here.

TUAW suggests that you use a side-Twitter account to do all of this, and that strikes us as sound advice. Unless, of course, your followers really want to know about Spy Mouse. Chances are, though, they’re more concerned with what you ate this morning and how your commute went. Just saying.

[Via TUAW]

  • Sally

    Your first clue is... there are no more clues!

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