A new trailer for Fish Labs’ graphically gifted new-fangled version of Galaxy On Fire 2 [$9.99] has surfaced on the Inter-webs. As we’ve reported previously, this new sheen is presumably the result of Fish Labs’ Tegra 2 versions of the game, except ratcheted up for the Mac and the all-powerful iPad 2. It looks amazing.

Sadly, Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD -- that's its real, full name -- is still set to be a stand-alone product. In an old message board post, Fish Labs told our community that this decision allows for a different pricing model and keeps consumers from being confused with the new screenshots and videos. Also, a new game means the studio won’t have to mess with any conflicting version bugs, especially in the game save arena.

In case you didn’t catch the text, this is still a beta preview of the title. It is slated for a full release later this fall across iOS, Android, Windows, and the Mac. No pricing has been nailed quite yet, but I'd imagine we'll hear about that pretty soon as its release spirals ever closer.

  • Anonymous

    I'll definitely be picking this up for my mac, assuming my creaky late '07 iMac runs it, as I do love the GoF games.

    I just hope that in this version, you can keep different ship load outs in the station you obtain in Valkyrie. For this sort of game, not being able to maintain a fleet of ships ready to take off at a whim for a 'cruise' kinda kills the enjoyment for me.

  • Taylor45

    If this runs on an iPhone 5, then I'll be buying it on day one.

  • HisDivineOrder

    It's like some developers forgot what iAP is...

  • Yes We Can't

    Greed Labs

  • Anonymous

    do want! for my mac as the iPad controlls just dont cut it:-)

  • http://twitter.com/Sanuku Sanuku

    Are they really expecting us to pay again $16 for the same Content (Game/DLC). They should make it at least a 0.99 Sale for the first twenty hours so us who did already buy the full Package doesn`t fell like they are being completly Idiots for buying it again.

  • eaglefast


    • Anonymous

      yes times one million and a half, for the love of all that is the space-combat genre. please.

      how about this - i, and others, shall refuse to buy this unless there is a cockpit view. are you listening, fishlabs?

  • Anonymous

    What Fish Labs should have done instead of launching Valkyrie and then this:

    Launch GoF 3: Valkyrie at a premium price with "full HD" graphics and in-app purchase GoF 2 content, then offer Valkyrie content at a cheaper price as a purchase for GoF 2 owners who don't want a graphical upgrade.

    It's effectively the same thing, but your loyal fans don't feel like they've been screwed when you tell them that expansion they just bought is obsolete a few months after it launched.

  • The9quad

    I think it is worth it, it looks like a totally different game. If i had a choice between them not making this or making it and charging $16 again, I'll take them making it and charging money again. Really as good and as long as the non hd version was, I am sure you got your moneys worth already. Did you really expect them to develop this using their own money and resources on this project and offer it for free or for 99 cents? seriously?

    • Bosconian

      Do you realize many people bought the game as a universal title recently for their iPads, thinking that WAS the HD version? Like me, maybe they barely have even played it yet.

      And now suddenly there's a "full" HD version?! And for full price all over again? Total BS.

      NOT good for customer relations at all.

    • Bosconian

      Do you realize many people bought the game as a universal title recently for their iPads, thinking that WAS the HD version? Like me, maybe they barely have even played it yet.

      And now suddenly there's a "full" HD version?! And for full price all over again? Total BS.

      NOT good for customer relations at all.

  • GalaxyofGreed

    Thanks for the screw-over, Fish Labs!

    I already bought this game to play on my iPad 2, and now you want me to pay full price ALL OVER AGAIN for better graphics? LOL!

    You suck.

  • Anonymous

    Here's my solution to this problem that everyone seems to be complaining about:

    1. Use GameCenter or some other server-side check to see if a user played GOF2
    2. Release a free, demo version of GOF2-FHD with IAP to unlock the full game (should require downloading content to avoid unlock-hacks).
    3. Have 2 IAP prices, with one being cheaper for folks who have been proven to own GOF2 based on #1 above.
    4. Have a cock-pit view.

    That would appease many folks, I believe.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      I guess I just don't see why Fish Labs would dedicate the effort to placate the fringe cases of the extremely vocal minority that are beyond outraged that they've spent a year optimizing the game for the iPad 2 and aren't giving it away for free. Here's the solution to the problem: If this makes you angry, don't buy it. Believe it or not, there are people out there that are happy there are companies like Fish Labs devoting serious resources to pushing the graphics on iOS devices forward, and are more than willing to pay for it.

      Unfortunately, those people don't experience the same level of compulsion to respond to these kind of news stories so you often see an entirely one-sided argument of people who are totally outraged making it seem as if everyone is outraged, which couldn't be further from the truth.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        You just don't GET IT, bro. I paid for the game once already, I should get every new iteration of it for free for the rest of my life. It's only fair.

        - Just like when they released Super Mario All Stars and gave it out for free to owners of the original NES games – oh wait.

        - Just like when they released the NES series of games for the GBA and gave those away for free to previous owners – oh wait.

        - Just like when they remade Resident Evil for the Gamecube and gave THAT out for free – oh wait.

        - Just like every PSOne game on the PSN store is free for people that bought the originals – oh wait.

        - Just like Ocarina of Time on 3DS is freely available to the millions of people who owned it on N64 – oh wait.

        So actually, it's NEVER expected that people should get a new version of a game for free, so why should it be expected for an iOS game?

      • HelperMonkey

        Isn't this just a tweak of the graphics? I could come up with a longer list of games that improved their graphics on iOS that didn't bump their prices up. The improvement from original graphics to retina graphics was done very broadly by many developers, and was almost always delivered as a free update.
        Doesn't this play kind of loosely with the definition of a "universal" game?

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        No, it's not just a graphics tweak. It's their game reworked specifically for the iPad 2 hardware. It's essentially a version of the game built for a different console.

      • HelperMonkey

        Okay. Cool.
        So does the definition of "universal" now only apply to iPad #1?
        I mean, we essentially get a "new console" every year with every generation. Why is the iPad 2 treated differently?

      • White Knight 007

        The iPad 2 has a multicore processor. That means aside from improving the graphics, you must deal with synchronizing those cores in the code to get the full power of the iPad. That is a much more daunting task than upping the graphics especially if you did not build the original with more than one core in mind.

        Similar to cars though most people only admire the bodywork and never think about the complexity and beauty of the engines that make it more than just a pretty hunk of metal.

      • http://twitter.com/riChchestMat Chris Matchett

        So the gameplay is different? More missions? Or is it just a graphics tweak. Bet you didn't notice but Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Sunshine are very different games. Handy trivia that. Save it for a pub quiz.
        I'm not the vocal minority that bought an earlier version. I'm the majority that didn't and won't buy the new one either thanks to this.

      • Bosconian

        I bought GOF2 for my iPad 2. Therefore I thought I already paid for the iPad 2 version. Apparently not.

      • Bosconian

        Interesting -- every single one of those games is very, very old. And every example is of a game being redone for a totally new platform. You really didn't think that through much, did you?

        Let's see, why don't you quote a list of iOS games that got updated and tweaked instead. Or even PC games that got patches to update graphics. But oh wait, if you did that, then your argument would really fall to pieces.

        Even if people (Eli included) don't agree with the angry "minority," at least admit they have a valid reason to feel slighted. Especially those who recently bought the game for their iPad 2.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        I guess if nothing else this serves as an important lesson that when you buy things from the App Store, you should be buying them as they are when you buy them. Did you honestly buy Galaxy on Fire 2 as an investment with your fingers crossed that some day Fish Labs would go through and entirely redo all of the graphics and give them to you for free? Or did you buy it because you should it was a cool space trading game.. Because if that's why you bought it, you got exactly what you bargained for, and Fish Labs isn't obligated to give you any more than that... Regardless of how hard this realization might be to swallow.

      • Anonymous

        Taking your attitude of blaming the customer won't do Fish Labs any good. They've released their products in a way that decreases customer loyalty. That's their mistake, and they'll feel it when those customers are disinclined to buy the same content again at a higher price.

        They could have avoided this by tying their new content to their upgraded graphics, but instead they want to get paid once for their content, and again for their graphics. It might have been defensible if they'd told people their plans when they released Valkyrie earlier this year, but now they just look greedy and exploitative.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, lesson learned.  Don't make products better and then charge for your labors because then you'll piss people off who will be compelled by law to by the new one.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Does the original GoF 2 not work on an iPad 2 anymore? Did I miss something?

        I guess I just don't (and never will) understand why people feel entitled to things for free. Yes, games get updated for free all the time, sometimes with monstrous new content and features. But it should never be expected that it should be free just because others have done it. If you feel slighted it's really only due to your own perception of what is "owed" to you when you purchase a game, which frankly, is ludicrous.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Benteknol-Segers/100001525126777 Benteknol Segers

        hahahah nintendo mario ??? they did like 8 remakes paid and not 15 dollars more like 40 dollars 

      • Yes We Can't

        You're right.  I wouldn't have bought this game a month ago to play on my ipad2 if I had known there was an "HD" version in the pipe.  Wonder why they didn't mention that.....hmmmmm    $$$$$$

  • The9quad

    Go watch a video of the old version then watch the new version. Then stop complaining, holy crap it looks nothing like the old game at all, this isnt just a retina upgrade. And I agree with Eli and Jared. Keep complaining and wanting everything for free and all we will have on iOS is angry birds clones. Kudos to fish labs for doing this, nice to see the iPad 2 being pushed.

  • Theinty

    Now you know what would be nice?
    If this game had cloud sync with the portable version.

    If i could play this game on my mac - then leave the house - jump on the bus and continue exactly where I left off on the road... THAT would be amazing.

    Surely it can't be that hard.

  • Idiotdude

    Why does it say sponsored by Anomaly war zone at the top of the page. I thought touch arcade sponsored stuff.
    Question: Am I dumb?
    Answer: yes I am

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dimitris-Katsafouros/666754640 Dimitris Katsafouros

    So in fish labs logic if a consumer goes to a store and looks at the back of a game box he will automatically think that this is what the game will look like on his machine. Even if his machine is under specced. Just because he saw it on the box. 
    Fish labs could put a simple description on the info page of the game saying that these are iPad 2 graphics. So original iPad users wouldn't be disappointed. They could even provide a link with screenshots of the game running in the original iPad. There problem solved.
    But I guess that doesn't solve the issue of charging full price for the same product just a bit more refined.

    Let's say a client comes and he wants to refresh his logo. Would it be fair to charge full price as if I created the logo from scratch?
    No because I didn't create the logo from scratch... I could do that but if I want this client to work with me in the future and not leave frustrated and spreading bad publicity for me
    I will do what is plainly logical.

    But let's get some examples that are closer to what we are talking about.
    Pixologic in the past couple of years have done complete rewrites of their program and added tons of features. Zbrush 2 and Zbrush 3 are completely different beasts. Zbrush 3 to 4 has done major changes on the mac side and also added lots of new features for both platforms. Guess what they have charged their customers. 0$!! The same will happen to the newer 5 version... Previous users of the program will get an instant update  for 0$. Well you could pay 20$ or something like that to get a hard copy of the program but that is not paying full price for the program. And you also have an option not to pay anything if you just download the program.
    Maxon will release version 13 of Cinema 4d in September. New rendering engine, new animation tools the list goes on. Lots and lots of code written and major changes in the way the program behaves. Guess what recent buyers of the program will pay for it.
    Yeah you guessed it... 0$. Same thing as before.
    Even the most money driven company in the field, Adobe doesn't even consider charging full price for customers that already have a previous version of the program.
    And even though their updates aren't always as great as they think they are at least they have tons of new features added which validates the hefty cost of buying a 0.5 release.

    I'm not frustrated by the whole fish labs situation because I wasn't considering buying the game. What I find irritating though is people defending the company's frame of mind.
    iOs developers need to get out of the habit of earning a quick buck. Making it big fast and then resting on their laurels. iOs users are consumers just like everybody else in the real world meaning that real world rules apply to the iOs world. You need to respect your customer in order to create a loyal user base that will drive you in the future.
    There's only so many times you can screw your customer over. And if that happens not only you will lose your quick buck but your whole future.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      I'd say a year long complete graphical overhaul to take advantage of top-end hardware is the exact opposite of attempting to make a quick buck.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dimitris-Katsafouros/666754640 Dimitris Katsafouros

        It looks like you only read the last paragraph as if that's the summary of my post. I won't even bother replying properly.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=507323480 Christopher Sullivan

        it looks like you don't understand Fish Labs at all, and played down the work it took to make this new version, just like those above you.

        "But I guess that doesn't solve the issue of charging full price for the same product just a bit more refined."

        Just a bit more refined? Anyone with eyeballs can see that this is a complete overhaul.

        also, what Jared said.

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      For every company you named that does free software updates there are just as many if not more that charge for theirs. In fact, didn't I just pay $30 for the new version of OS X?

      But besides that you're missing the point anyway. Nobody is forcing anybody to buy this new version. The copy of GoF 2 that everybody bought is still the exact same game that it was when they bought it. When this new one comes out, if people want the overhauled version with tons of bells and whistles then they can CHOOSE to buy it. Or not. The GoF 2 that they already own will continue to work! They can continue having fun with it while the people that made the decision to buy the new version can have fun with that! Having this second version of the game available changes nothing.

      IF the dev pulled the original version and ceased to update or support it, then I would have a problem with this. IF they were forcing people to upgrade even if they didn't want to or need to, then I'd have a problem with this. But afaik neither of these are going to happen. The original product still does the exact same thing that it did when it was bought.

      To just assume that the year the team spent working on this version, when you have absolutely no idea what sort of changes went on under the hood or how much work it took, should be dismissed and not be compensated for is about the most insulting thing ever.

      • Sramisetty

        Okay, now I'm all calmed down. Your approach to the argument was good.

  • http://www.taptoplay.de Lakeshore

    I really hope that the game syncs between all mentioned platforms.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dimitris-Katsafouros/666754640 Dimitris Katsafouros

    We could disagree forever I guess. As I pointed out in my post above there are many companies that not only make massive changes but also giving the product away for free. NOT to new buyers. But to customers that have already bought the product. If you apply that to this game it would be a whole new game, a whole new product not just a graphics overhaul. And let me just say that the effort that these companies are putting is way more than what fish labs is putting. And yes pixologic is not a behemoth like Adobe or Apple.
    Jared you seem to disregard the fact that I didn't say not to charge for it (would be more sensible though) but give it a price that is more appropriate rather than a price for a new product altogether. Because no matter how many the graphics changes no matter how much the graphics code is optimized it's the same product all over again. You don't screw your buyers like that. You just don't. By overhauling your product you entice new buyers  thus making more profit and you leave your loyal base alone. Unless you have a new product. And as it seems even fish labs thinks this not  new otherwise they would have named it Galaxy on Fire 3.

    Also OSX pricing just proves my point. You payed 30 dollars for a whole new upgraded os. That says a lot. Not to mention that 30$ isn't much when the competition charges 2-3 times more. The equivalent in osx of what fish labs is doing is iron out the bugs that were in Snow Leopard and charge for it full price.

    Oh by the way add luxology to that few companies making these ridiculous decisions of not charging for updates... I mean the list is so long it's ridiculous. 
    In another example if I make a commercial for a client for a set amount of money and the work is better than what was decided before, I won't charge him more because I had more free time or hired a better crew and the result was better in the end. I'll charge him what was decided before hand. The client will be happy and will come back for more. 

    Anyway I could't care less about what will happen in the end. I played the game it was a nice game and thats that. The reason I bother so much with this is the people that defend this way of exploitative thinking. I'll milk my customer dry with the same thing over and over again. No matter how refined it is. It's the same product that doesn't justify a full price. Simple as that.

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      Your logic is just absolutely bonkers. Again, YOU have no idea how much work went into this. At all. Not one single bit. For all you know, maybe they had to redo the code line by line due to the iPad 2's hardware being so different. 

      To just pass judgement on someone else's work and place value on it with no knowledge WHATSOEVER of how much work it actually was is insulting, rude, and ignorant.

      By your logic, I should be able to roll into my car dealer and trade in my 2010 ride for a brand new 2011 model. I mean, I paid for it already, and it's basically the same car with a few added features. How dare they try to charge me for a different product. :rolleyes:

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dimitris-Katsafouros/666754640 Dimitris Katsafouros

        I guess I'll keep my logic to myself then. It's absolutely bonkers. If you say it is then it must be true.

        If they had to do the whole code line by line all over again then they should have made a whole new version of the game altogether. That my friend is common sense. Unless they're like George Lucas and they only do one thing and then spend another 20 years redoing the graphics the code the start screen a new end sequence, you get the point.

        And I really don't get how YOU feel insulted. On behalf of fish labs? I get the feeling that there's something I'm missing here.. Or you must be a really really sensitive person.

        I won't bother any more with this. I wasted so much time for something I don't even care about!

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Obviously you don't care. LOL. 

        I don't have any personal reason to feel insulted, it's just a shame to watch a great company that made one of the best games in the App Store, one that truly pushes the technological limits of the hardware and offers something more than a quick casual pick up and play experience, get trashed by whiners who feel like they are entitled to something because of their own twisted view on the situation. It really churns my stomach, to be honest. A bunch of spoiled gamers who have no idea how good they have it, and yet, they STILL find some way to complain that they are somehow getting screwed over, when they buy a stunning video game that fits in their god damned pocket and somehow it's not good enough. Simply pathetic. But carry on justifying why you should get free lifelong video games because obviously you will never see it any other way. I hope to god nobody ever tells you to your face how worthless your work and time is, it's probably a pretty shitty feeling.

  • http://twitter.com/Dune_001 Jase Wayne

    Would really love this on Xbox Arcade! co-op too!

  • http://twitter.com/NOVAinc Lucas

    I just don't get these people goin nuts about the whole deal... It is a reworked game for a superior piece of hardware, not an update. As I said once, it's like pretending to get a copy of Tomb Raider Anniversary (HD remake of tomb raider 1) for PS3 just because you bought the original for the PS1.

    If you don't want to pay for the iPad 2 dedicated version, just don't, and keep playing the current version. Nobody is forcing their users to purchase it.

    Universal still means universal (works across iPhone/iPad 1 AND 2), this version will be sold just for those who want to take advantage of their iPad 2 hardware and that's it, those who don't want to, those who aren't interested won't have to drop a dime.

    Finally, stop saying you purchased the game recently and wondering why they didn't say they were working on this... Well, they are telling you now, with MONTHS of anticipation that they will release a fullHD version. If you didn't purchase it yet, then wait for it some months...

    Now.. Regarding the trailer, there are somethings I'd like to see fixed/improved. The game looked better in the screenshots, and that's because the animations don't look great. I know it is a beta so my list for the final release would include: fixing the explosion effects, changing the fire effects with a more realistic one when ships are low in energy (or just switch back to smoke, like the iOS version), changing the asteroids breaking animation (it currently looks like a puddin), narrow the impact area in the ships since lasers are not hitting the ships, including cockpit view and adding throttle control as the current iOS version lacks of this feature and your ships fly at the same speed all the time (the only variant being installing a boost, but it will last just some seconds then you are back to the usual speed) and at times enemy ships seem to go faster than you.

  • Anonymous

    That trailer looks very snazzy.  Even just watching the trailer it's clear the game has been completely reworked.  Will definitely be picking this up as soon as it comes out.

  • Rad

    I just Love the fair and unbiased views from the touch arcade staff.

  • FreeFrog

    Great game already. I played #1 on my iPhone and #2 is FANTASTIC on my iPad. The controls work just fine and the graphics are more than satisfactory given I don't have an iPad 2 anyhow.

  • shamyou

    decent game on ipad i almost enjoyed it...then it finished. its really short, my advice is get lost in the sidequests and ship upgrading because the main quest is only around 3 to 4 hours. i lost interest in it after i completed the main quest and saw the end credits. for me that was the end of the game.

  • Donalddumptruck

    Eli and Jared...I don't think you're seeing this in an unbiased way. 

    People have come to expect free graphics upgrades because that's what most companies do. When a huge chunk of your audience feels slighted---whether or not they SHOULD feel slighted---you're not doing things exactly right. 

    Telling people to just swallow their irritation and get over it is simple ignorance of what it means to nurture a customer base. 

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Even if we assumed every single comment in this thread was from a unique angry Galaxy on Fire 2 customer, I'm not sure in what universe 45 people would be considered a "huge chunk" of any customer base for anything that isn't a lemonade stand.

      • Donalddumptruck

        Heh. Lemonade stand. 

        Okay, on its own, 45 isn't a lot of people. But look at this thread from a PR standpoint. Is this what you want those most vocal in your costumer base to be talking about?

        I'm not saying you guys are wrong. I think you have logic and fairness on your side.

        But when a bunch of folks feel the need to clog forum threads with complaints, there's room for improvement.


      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        From a PR standpoint I'd focus on the universal critical acclaim and success the entire Galaxy on Fire series have seen since its inception, not even concerning myself with placating a few dozen people who feel slighted because they aren't getting things for free. Pandering to the vocal minority is always a losing game.

      • donalddumptruck

        I can buy that, I guess. 

        On the other hand, two word: Tea Party. 


  • http://players.openfeint.com OFErOne (Erwin Ocampo)

    My two cents.... http://www.fishlabs.net/en/uncategorized/galaxy-on-fire-2-full-hd-%E2%80%93-the-most-beautiful-gof-of-all-time/?blog=1

    Complete rework targeting iPad2, Mac & long time fans...I can see iPad2 owners who currently have GOF2 to maybe have an issue.

    Thus if you're one of those people (or one who supports players getting as much value as they can out of their purchase) I suggest you actively let Fish Labs know what you think through email/FB/Twitter/etc. OR take the more passive route and make a statement with your wallet to not buy it.  (which is perfectly ok as well)

    I know Fish Labs must love their customers so by engaging them Fish Labs can (1) know what their customers want/think and use that for what they do in the future, (2) personally help any players they feel were adversely affected* (iPad2 owners who purchased the game).  

    *which is 45 people from what I'm hearing in the comments  😀