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‘Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD’ Continues To Look Amazing

A new trailer for Fish Labs’ graphically gifted new-fangled version of Galaxy On Fire 2 [$9.99] has surfaced on the Inter-webs. As we’ve reported previously, this new sheen is presumably the result of Fish Labs’ Tegra 2 versions of the game, except ratcheted up for the Mac and the all-powerful iPad 2. It looks amazing.

Sadly, Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD — that’s its real, full name — is still set to be a stand-alone product. In an old message board post, Fish Labs told our community that this decision allows for a different pricing model and keeps consumers from being confused with the new screenshots and videos. Also, a new game means the studio won’t have to mess with any conflicting version bugs, especially in the game save arena.

In case you didn’t catch the text, this is still a beta preview of the title. It is slated for a full release later this fall across iOS, Android, Windows, and the Mac. No pricing has been nailed quite yet, but I’d imagine we’ll hear about that pretty soon as its release spirals ever closer.