Octodad 2 hit its funding goal. The project raised around 120 percent of its benchmark, which I’d imagine has its fledgling indie development studio Young Horses stoked to finish up work on the follow-up to what was, probably, one of the craziest games I’ve ever played.

When we covered the fact that this sequel was coming, it was suggested that an iOS version was in future release plans. With money now in the bag, will we still see something? Maybe, says a representative from the studio. In an e-mail exchange with me, I was told that the studio updated its physics engine to its latest version for the sole reason of being able to port the game to the iOS platform, but Young Horses isn’t sure if it will port the first or the follow-up to the iPad 2. This is the first we’ve heard of the original getting a port.

Distressingly for us iOS nerds, the potential port won’t be getting immediate love. “[It] would most likely be something we work on either towards the end of Octodad 2 development for PC / Mac when the engineers have more time,” I was told. It’s also possible that nothing for iOS will be started until after Octodad 2 development. Sad face.

A port of one, the other, or both, isn’t set in stone, either. “I can’t say it’s a done deal, but it’s something we’re seriously planning for,” he said.

Regardless of what happens, it sounds like we have some time on our hands. Last time I wrote about Octodad 2, I suggested that we pass it with the original game, which remains free. I’ll do the same now, but note that two new levels have been added to the PC version of the game in celebration of Young Horses nailing (and exceeding) their original funding goals for Octodad 2.

"These levels are a bit gritty, but we thought that it would be better to end the game as we originally intended to for the Independent Games Festival rather than keep them in our archives any longer," the studio said on its Kickstarter page. A Mac version of these is planned for release in September.

"These levels are a labor of love and even though we can’t let you see too much from Octodad 2 yet they should whet your appetite for the time being." Great minds think alike.