The horrible thing about You Don’t Know Jack [$2.99 / HD] is that once you finish it, you really, really finish it. All the answers and questions repeat, and there’s nothing to go back to. For what it’s worth, the game has been updated with two more mini-episodes on the house, which should give you a few more minutes of play. This update also rolls in a few bug fixes.

In other YDKJ update news, creator Jellyvision is readying a “six-pack” of new episodes. No price or date was given in the patch note announcement, but we’re guessing it’ll cost you a few bucks via IAP. Not only do the console versions of the game have a similar setup, but the focus on the “free” part of these latest episodes implies that others will cost later. Two-player multiplayer is also in the works, according to the notes in the HD version.

Chances are that this coming six-pack won’t be the last, and that’s good news. You Don’t Know Jack is a great trivia game, but it definitely needs freshened up with more unique content. I’ll be jumping in again, no doubt.

  • Robert Lach

    Please Please Please add a german version of YDKJ!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I used to love this game on my Mac back in the day, but without multiplayer it's not very interesting.

  • bones boy

    It's always a sad time when you finish the last episode.