Pocket God [99¢] is an App Store phenomenon that just doesn't stop. Originally released all the way back in January of 2009, Pocket God has now seen it's 40th major content update, which basically blows away every other iOS game imaginable when it comes to updates. Looking back on it, if you flipped out a buck on the game back when it was first released, how far that dollar has gone is just incredible. Similarly, the amount of content included in Pocket God now is just nuts, to the point that I don't really even know where you'd start if you just downloaded it today.

The latest update, entitled "Battle of the Gods plays off the previous update where players collected idols. These idols are now used for what amounts to almost rock paper scissors Pokemon-style battles with your pygmies. You can get a look at how this all works in the associated trailer that was just released:

The "Battle of the Gods" update should be slowly propagating throughout the App Store now, so if it isn't appearing for you yet just wait a bit and it should. We've got to tip our hat at Bolt Creative's Dave Castelnuovo and Allan Dye for sticking with Pocket God for so long. I mean really, 40 updates? That's just nuts. Also, if you haven't yet, be sure to give Pocket God: Journey to Uranus [99¢] a try as well.

  • Austintruax

    Im waiting cant wait haha

  • Tikicobra

    40 updates later and I still find this game boring.

    • pocket god 24/7

      @2b2b469ac9af293a69961c63362a899e:disqus how is this game boring i have the update and its awesome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Hopper/1238691947 Paul Hopper

    I just liked flinging them and turning my iphone on its side and watching them panick and beg for mercy as they fell off the island. And later on I liked burning them, zapping them, throwing things at them, doing the vampire thing on them, it was fun for abit a mayhem.

  • proto13

    Double rainbow...Oh my gosh...its a double rainbow all the way.

  • pocket god ownage

    hey every1 i hav a god setup that works great! all you need is these 4 gods and the necessary levels. use these 4 gods...
    demon god
    t-rex god
    monkey god
    annul god of life
    now only use annul god until you win the realm. this wil use all of the gods powers at once KILLING YOUR ENEMY IN ONE HIT!!! works great and i won every level using this but it can take the fun out of the game 🙁
    if u tried and liked my tips please share it with others!

    • Laurendancer3377

      it didn't work!!

  • Laurendancer3377

    help me on level 3 the owl god in battle of the gods and cannot win! help!