In this week’s bonus episode of The TouchArcade Show, we sit down with two of the men behind Incinerator Studios’ elaborate curtains, chief creative officer Jeff Garsteki and chief technical officer Gary Wise. Card games and the creation of these kinds of games were the two biggest topic covered, but we also hit on where Incinerator started, what got it into mobile development, and even the future of the studio. You know, the usual.

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As usual, our opening is provided by the wonderful Jim Guthrie. We went back to the Overclock Remix well for our break / pacing music. The tracks were all created by “Prototype Raptor,” a man with a fantastic hacker alias (and a gift for remixing tunes). Here’s the listing:

One note: we had a lot of crazy technical problems during this recording. You’ll hear one general fade-out and possibly a few level hiccups. Not big problems, but just wanted to let you know that we knew. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us. The e-mail address is:

Thanks for listening and we'll catch you again this Friday!