We've been following Firemint's SPY mouse for quite a while, in fact, back before it was even called SPY mouse. In the past, Firemint has been very secretive in regards to unleashing any kind of screenshots, or any details at all really, aside from showing it off to a select few at conventions. That's all (well, mostly) over now, and finally you can check out the SPY mouse trailer in all of its glory, and finally get a chance to see what I've been trying to describe in the various Agent Squeak SPY mouse articles from previous events:

Accord to the trailer, SPY mouse will be hitting Summer 2011. This means Firemint has all the way up until September 23rd to release the game and still technically be under their summer release umbrella. Other things we also now know is that there will be 72 levels included at launch spread across six different worlds. As the trailer illustrates, you'll need to snack on cheese and avoid various cats. There's even an array of power ups to help you on your quest. Awesome.

  • sooooz

    Looks awesome! The production values are so great. I do prefer "Agent Squeak" over "Spy Mouse" as a title. πŸ™‚

    • Dozer

      Yeah, but does it squeak when you touch it?

  • Adams Immersive

    Looks good! Art- and music-wise, I thought for sure this was the same people that did House of Mice. I wonder if those guys (outfit 7) are involved in this too?

  • aza

    I do wish companies would stop using 'seasons' to announce launch dates. I realise it gives them a nice 3 month window, but half the globe is in Winter now, so launch is either 6 months away or next week? Who knows.

    • http://www.firemint.com firemint

      Northern hemisphere Summer, sorry for the confusion!

    • Rockchurch

      The Southern hemisphere has about 10% of the planet's population. Even if one assumed that industrialization, wealth, and iOS ownership were proportionate between the northern and the southern hemispheres (that would be an interesting assumption), you'd still have a message for whom the seasonal dates make perfect sense to 90% of the target audience. That other 10% is also well used to the convention as well, so the chance of confusion is nigh-zero.

      • aza

        That's just so hemisphere-ist.

      • Guest

        10% isn't small enough to be neglected.

        Statistically, 10% wouldn't even be statistically significant.

      • NotMe

        Diseases that affect 10% of a population are considered rare.