Ragnarok Online is getting a mobile companion in the states, too. Creator Gravity Interactive just announced an oh-so creatively title called Ragnarok Violet. In brief, it’s an offline, iOS-specific version of the MMO that features a lot of the sights, sounds, and monsters that compose the ridiculously popular free-to-play game’s universe. This announcement is coming on the heels of two offline Maple Story releases, which have performed extremely well.

Specifically on the familiarity front, Gravity cites that Porings, Spores, and Marins will compose the base monster cast. It also name-drops Empty Bottles, Honey, colored herbs, and standard knight fare as the loot. As you play, you’ll also pick up monster cards, which can be used to modify your dude and make him stronger.

Violet appears to be a fairly faithful port of feature phone game with the same name, if this is all ringing a bell, that's why. The best we can tell is that it debuted at some point in 2008 or so. We've also seen indications that a US iOS version has been floating around seedier circles for a bit, too.

Anyway, Ragnarok Violet will appear on the App Store this coming Friday, August 5 (which seems wrong to us; most games hit on Thursday). It’ll launch for free, but if you want some hot drops quick and dirty-like, you’ll probably want to pony up the cash in its in-game store. As standard with these stores, it'll allow you to buy weapons, armor, and items. What? You didn’t see that coming?



Speaking of seeing stuff coming, we’ll probably see many more Ragnarok Online releases on mobile platforms moving forward. As of right now, there are eight out in the wild, and most of them can talk to the proper game in a rudimentary fashion, which is something this one will not even attempt to do. I always wonder how much more successful these F2P games could be if they actually could meaningfully touch base with the community and the proper game.

On a totally different note, it'll be interesting to see these Korean-centric apps as a whole chart in the future. According to Bloomberg, the Korean government just tossed out the government rating requirement for mobile games, which in return, also potentially means Apple and Google will open up their app stores in the region. Talk about hurdles.

  • TimH

    for those who never played this game on PC you will think, wtf it looks freaking childish, sucks! 🙂
    That was what I thought as I played it the first time back in 2003. But this MMMORPG was so immersive, just awesome the fun I had with war of emperiums (where you assault castles of other guilds). 
    The iphone port looks a bit weird though and the fact that it is offline kills the fun imo...

    • GodSon

      Agreed, one of my favorite MMORPG's of all-time and sure I'd love an online version, but to have an offline version(and so soon) I'm satisfied. I'll be TOFTT on this insta buy for sure!

      • backtothis

        It's free my friend.

    • Anonymous

      I played it on PC and I think it's childish... luckily I played it when I was a child. It's a pretty good MMO, don't get me wrong, but I don't consider it a very grown up game at all.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, so you can play off-line -- which means not having to interact with hordes of children? Oh yeah!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5FLRQI2X2LU3IHMCG7HEAEFD5I Cat Astrophy

    The DS version of this sucked.

    • sniPyro

      I loved the PC MMORPG - definitely my favourtie MMO ever, much more so than WoW (personally). But I also tried the offline DS version and it was horrible...not really looking forward to this. Then again it's free so might as well give it a try.

  • Chickdigger802

    This looks nothing like the online game >.>"

    Looks like every other generic korean mobile action rpg.

  • millo

    this game was released 2 months ago...

  • dennno

    I love RO and have been addicted for many MANY years. But this doesn't really appeal to me. It looks a little 'off' and doesn't have the RO feel that the actual PC game has. Perhaps there's just too many offline action RPGs on the app store that are basically the exact same thing. It's getting tiring tbh.